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christmas memories

hello, friends. i hope the new year is treating you well and that your heart is full of love from the season around us. it's a sunny but chilly day here in charlotte as i start to plan out taking down the christmas tree, the ornaments and cozy layers of decor. parks is back at wee school today after three weeks off so i am back to a little momma freedom a few times a week- and that feels so wonderful. christmas was everything we needed it to be- simple, relaxing, some travels, and lots of laughs. we were able to celebrate with both of our families and i feel full and abundant with gratitude. the smells of fresh pine and the explosions of gold glitter always seem to get me like a favorite warm sweater. i am always sad to see them go. yet, a fresh new space is always a good thing. 

it really is the season of renewal and hope and reflection. again, i am left feeling so grateful, for so much and for everything. but i am especially grateful for the family that has been placed in my arms and the chance to share the spirit of this season together. and i am also grateful for the One and for trader joe's peppermint jo jo's. 

what i will remember most about this christmas | 

01. my mother-in-law's gorgeous tablescape on christmas day 
02. the sweet spirit of my christmas boy 
03. coffee at the cutest spot in matthews, nc (brakeman's- it's so cute) with college friends 
04. our christmas cards from minted
05. he loves to be outside + a little boy in a suit jacket gets me every time 
06. joyful! cards + i love how minted addresses envelopes for free
07. elmo love (his current favorite thing + buses/trucks) on christmas morning
08. merry little everything + we announced baby monaco to family 
09. christmas eve 
10. holiday spirit
11. one day in between travels required coffee while packing 
12. bringing up my favorite christmas album as a child / my record player to the midwest
13. a slightly grainy photo but i think it sums up his christmas morning unwrapping vibe 
14. lots of snow in ohio (and i loved it! and so did parks) 
15. i put my fur scarf on him for a hot second and got this reaction
16. my beautiful niece, leona rose, in cincinnati (we went there for new year's/enjoyed the best dinner)
17. a view from my parents' backyard - a white winter wonderland 

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