the greatest joy! | a new baby | olive june

the greatest joy! | a new baby

"life is always a rich and steady time when are you waiting for something to happen or hatch." 
e.b white from charlotte's web

we are going to have a baby! it is slowly setting in that in mid-june, there will be four of us. currently, i am fourteen weeks along and our baby is a healthy little one so far. we are seriously over-the-moon. parks loves babies (so much) so we think he will be a great big brother. we go back and forth about finding out the gender... i love surprises but also know that the instant i found out that parks was a boy, i bonded with him so genuinely (it was the most special thing i think i have ever experienced) ... so we are leaning towards finding out again, which would be in about a month. it's truly a win-win though... a little brother (that bond- so special) or a different gender, a precious girl.  

on a sour note, i have been dealing with horrible nausea since the beginning of october. it was intense and lasted almost every second of each day. i did catch a break on halloween and enjoyed watching parks run from house to house. for whatever reason with this pregnancy, i became very sick right off the bat. looking back, this fall was quite dark and sadly, parts are a big blur. it was really difficult being so sick with a toddler by my side; heartbreaking to not be able to take care of him the way i love to... like bath time and reading books before bed. i love those quiet moments snuggled up with my baby boy- each and every day. i missed running around the park together, sharing a smoothie, going to the library/gym/yoga/grocery store, all of our typical daily adventures- just him and i. i will miss these days the way it is. i missed the 'normal' tasks that us parents do without really thinking about them. now, in the second trimester, i am doing much better. my husband was the biggest helper, a steady rock - truly. i am so thankful for him and his unconditional love for me and for parks. within the last week, i am starting to feel more like myself (and am going out in public again). this has been the best feeling, especially experiencing the magic that this month always seems to bring. i am praying that this continues and i am able to happily celebrate christmas in charlotte and new year's in cincinnati with loved ones. 

this month has definitely been slower than a lot of our holiday seasons in the past- and i am perfectly fine with it. here. alone. in the quiet of our home. enjoying our pretty flocked tree as it shines at night (yet, i am also yearning for some girlfriend time soon as well.) but in my heart, i think this month has been the perfect way to end a year where i strove for balance, where i chased 'slow' more in my life; the idea of being present over anything else. we talked a lot in our moments together. baby names, how to spell them, how they would sound when they are twenty-three years old around a table with others. we would look at parks and wonder how in the world we created something so beautiful, how we will handle two children crying simultaneously, and how once parks goes to bed at night, our bodies settle. and this time; however tiring/debilitating, is sweet. becoming a mom almost two years ago, introduced me to the most profound joy imaginable. a new type of joy, one i deeply cherish. i appreciate everything. winter is one of my favorite times of the year and i love the idea of getting out all of the little newborn clothes and cozy swaddle blankets soon. 

we have prayed for this baby and are grateful for the opportunity to welcome him/her this summer. telling our family and friends this news was a lot of fun and today, i am excited to tell you all as well.
'take my hand, take my whole life too'
the cross-stitched hoop above represents our new family and is the first piece for the nursery. kimberlee of criss cross designs on etsy was the absolute best to work with... she's wonderful. (crisscross_designs on instagram) the cross-stitching represents my maternal grandma, who still creates pieces at eighty-eight years old and the (very well-loved) quilt was my childhood blanket, handmade by my paternal grandma. my maternal grandma has played such an important role in my life/raised my beautiful mom and my paternal grandma left the most extraordinary legacy with her gentle spirit and the way she made everyone around her feel like they were the most important thing in her life. i was only four when she passed, but i remember her vividly and dearly wish that she could have seen me grow up. together, these two women represent the mother i hope to be remembered as someday. 
-not the baby anymore-

parks' outfit | shirt: cheerily . suspenders: etsy . jeans and shoes: target . cardigan: h & m
my outfit | coat: merchant31. shoes: free people . dress: asos
umm... what does being a big brother really entail?
-you will always be my baby-
doesn't like to stop moving
please send prayers that this pregnancy goes well and that our sweet baby stays healthy
you all have come to mean so much to me
and i am excited to share this new journey with you all
-a june baby-
 (a month that means so much to me- so much that i named part of this space after it) 


  1. Congratulations Nelle! I LOVE the cross-stitched hoop. Such a special representation of this exciting new season. I'm glad you are starting to feel better. I blocked out a lot of the first trimester as I felt so sick and exhausted. I'm not sure how I'll manage if we have a second!

    1. you are just the best. thank you. we are so excited for this sweet baby to join us. the nausea brought anxiety- which i haven't felt since my early 20's... but it's lifted in the last week. so thankful for this baby but it was just hard to get through most days. (but i know you would do great!) phoenix is so precious and thank you for the nice note- it means so much. xo

    2. and i adore the hoop! i really recommend the girl who made ours- she was fantastic!

  2. Oh, Nelle!! I am so excited for you! What a wonderful blessing, indeed! So happy for your little family - and how it will grow by one more <3

    1. thank you so much! we are SO excited! you are so wonderful- I really appreciate it. xo