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fun toddler date ideas for the holidays

i feel like one of my jobs as a mom is to make the holidays memorable and fun for my kids, especially while they are young. although parks is still very young, i have realized so much lately that he really just wants time spent with others. he loves people. (babies are his favorite but he also loves kids his age, older kids and adults so much) i want to make these seasons special- not with presents or over-the-top pinterest projects (although i think craft/activities from time to time is awesome/whatever you love- do it.) seeing the holidays through the eyes of a child is the most magical thing in the world. i am hoping to incorporate some of these activities + little things into our lives this month to make every day just a little bit more fun. 

01. build a fort and watch a christmas movie (and enjoy donuts!) 
02. mommy + me yoga
03. a music class
04. bake cookies (or pumpkin bread! parks and i bakes one last night to surprise his dad)
05. color holiday pages or cards for loved ones
06. smoothie + park (his personal favorite) 
07. visit santa 
08. have a dance party (we also just did this yesterday/i was at his level- and he absolutely loved it!)
10. finger paint ornaments on a tree (or use a bingo blotter works great!) 
11. decorate a mini tree / advent calendar 
12. use red and green play doh to create different holiday pieces
13. make a sensory bin 
14. create and play with this diy felt christmas tree 
15. swimming lessons (we are currently doing this as a family on wednesday mornings- a time to slow down and enjoy time together) 
"kids spell love T.I.M.E." - john crudele 
this year of dates idea from let's explore is just the cutest idea for older kids
{parks loved running/exploring this farm in charlotte on saturday morning}
how do you plan to spend this season with your kids?
hope you are enjoying the start of the holiday season 


  1. Such good ideas! Saving these for time with Jack <3

    1. so glad!! hope you are all having the best month together! he's too cute- your mini-me!! xo