olive june: December 2017

holiday traditions with evenflo

Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.
as i have mentioned already, this is, in some ways, a season of rest for me. it's also a season of reflection and celebrating. after plowing through the year, i try and make an effort to keep november and december more minimal for our family; allowing the richness of peace, silence, and traditions to fill our home. less busy and more slow.  i know that this will not always be an option, but am grateful for it at this time. my hope is that our littles remember their childhood christmases as a time of service, creativity, anticipation and easy happiness. 

last sunday, we went to a beautiful church service together (i can't stop thinking about the message) and then spent the day out and about in uptown charlotte during the afternoon hour. following some time in the city,  we spent some time at home- we baked, sang, danced and watched miracle on 34th street (the 1994 version/i am struggling being apart from my sister right now and it's her favorite). for our adventure, we used our new pivot stroller from evenflo. we have been using this stroller for about a month now and we are loving it! this is the most versatile stroller we have ever owned. it can be used several different ways: forward, backward, or you can even lay the stroller back like a bassinet and the transitions are all extremely easy to do. 

the greatest joy! | a new baby

"life is always a rich and steady time when are you waiting for something to happen or hatch." 
e.b white from charlotte's web

a holiday gift guide | for him

here are some of my favorite gift ideas for the men. i tried to offer a range of prices and went with a masculine touch for each idea. i also thought about some of my husband's favorite things as i created this guide... a leather watch, a speaker, a 'dude diaper bag,' and nice boots. i hope this helps / inspires you in some way. what do you love to give your guy?

a holiday gift guide | for the littles

a scene from parks' bedroom
advent calendar | anthropologie . tree | target 

i hope you enjoyed my 'gift guide for her' yesterday. now onto my favorite people to buy for... the little ones. i try to be very thoughtful and intentional with my gifts for kids. i love discovering unique gifts that they will enjoy and use. here are some of my favorites this year.

a holiday gift guide | for her

ho ho ho! holiday shopping is in full swing. here are some gift ideas for the ladies in your life... your mom, sister, a friend. i hope these spark some ideas + keep the holiday spirits flowing.

ways to give back this holiday season

this time of year carries around a strong sense of kindness towards others. if you know me well, you know i am a very empathetic person... i feel for ya. it's around this time of year when my heart aches for others. if i am being honest, this has especially been the case since the moment i became a mom, almost two years ago. i really want to foster all of the animals and babies and kids who need someone. here are five different ways to give back and hopefully make a difference this season. there are so many ways that you can make a huge impact and spread joy. 

fun toddler date ideas for the holidays

i feel like one of my jobs as a mom is to make the holidays memorable and fun for my kids, especially while they are young. although parks is still very young, i have realized so much lately that he really just wants time spent with others. he loves people. (babies are his favorite but he also loves kids his age, older kids and adults so much) i want to make these seasons special- not with presents or over-the-top pinterest projects (although i think craft/activities from time to time is awesome/whatever you love- do it.) seeing the holidays through the eyes of a child is the most magical thing in the world. i am hoping to incorporate some of these activities + little things into our lives this month to make every day just a little bit more fun.