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trick or treat

max, where the wild things are 
for his former english teacher momma
& one of his favorite books to read before bed

happy day after halloween, loves. i hope it was fun, safe and cozy. 

ours was quiet and simple and memorable. parks loved the experience even more than we had anticipated. last year, he was only nine months old and i wore him (you can see more about that here) + my husband was studying for a very big (and stressful) test for work so he wasn't able to join us. so this year we ventured over to our old and favorite neighborhood in charlotte called elizabeth with some very dear friends. the houses, decorations, and people were all so incredible. everyone was so friendly and i adored the older couple on their front porch, the man playing his piano (he was extraordinary and it warmed my heart seeing them together). the whole night was one of those special joys in life - watching my son and his dad go from house to house, hand-in-hand, with so much excitement. parks was fine with just one piece of candy at each house and everyone adored his 'max' costume, my tender-hearted (and sometimes) wild thing. he loved it all. and if you were to ask me, my favorite part was how he said/signed "thank you" often. it's one of my most favorites phrases that he says. 
my darling husband can't stop talking about how much he loved last night. 
these two 
all of my heart.


  1. I love love his costume!! Looks like a perfect Halloween :)

  2. I remember when Max first went trick-or-treating when he was just shy of 18-months old. We were so pleasantly surprised at how much fun he had and how he naturally took to the task of it all. We weren't expecting him to really understand the process but he took it and (literally) ran with it! Such fun memories!

    1. awe, love your max!! it was a surprise- a good one. happy thanksgiving, love. xo

  3. Special father/son memory! Your boy's costume is super cute.

    1. awe, I know! he says it's one of his favorite times with him ever and thank you!!