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thanksgiving decor ideas

good morning! i hope your week is going well... thanksgiving day is one week from today. being a new parent around this time of the year has me thinking about all of the traditions in life, the things + moments that tend to really bond a family together. my parents were so incredible at creating these magical childhood experiences. i hope to share more about the importance for me and my absolute favorites. today, i am sharing my favorite decor ideas for thanksgiving day this year. we are leaving this afternoon for ohio (my hometown and columbus) and chicago to visit my brother. be sure to follow along on instagram as i document our adventure. what are your plans for this upcoming holiday week? 

this idea reminds me of one of my favorite gifts as a teacher... one year two twin girls brought me a card with a piece of their christmas tree on it and i just loved it. 
we always go around the table and share what we are most thankful for... how cute is this idea?
i am excited to have a dining room someday + create! 
a cute touch for the littles!
i love a neutral look with golds + greenery
more than anything, it's all about taking in sweet november
and what we are most thankful for while being together with our loves ones 
what are you most excited about / how do you like to decorate for thanksgiving?

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