a mood board | november edition | olive june

a mood board | november edition

"not knowing when the dawn will come, i open every door."

this month went by pretty quickly... we traveled a lot, enjoyed the closing of the autumn season with some family time, and focused on living simply more and more. it's been a process and is something we continue to implement into this chapter of our lives.  

"that was the day she made herself promise to live more from intention & less from habit." - amy rubin flett

i just love these words. when you take a moment to connect the dots of this simple yet powerful phrase it leads to more questioning. i believe that questioning is good, it means something matters. 

november mood board
november mood board 
parks loves being a big cousin and lonie girl- your aunt nelle loves you so 
it was so hard to leave her sunday morning. 
christmas jammies | rylee + cru 
parks loved my parents house 
he ran around like a mad man, played with the puppies non-stop and was totally spoiled with lots of 'nonuts.' we had a wonderful time in chicago and in ohio. the windy city was the perfect place to kick-off the holiday season... it's so magical there and brought back lots of childhood trips over thanksgiving break to visit family. 
a childhood friend's wedding last saturday 
this sweet boy loves a good hometown wedding
before the dancing started for the adults, there were several kids on the dance floor
he would reach out one hand to the little girls his age, particularly the sweet little one in the pink dress- who kept rejecting him. he kept his head up and went for the 'hands in the pocket' look while the girls twirled around him. it was so cute.

what are you loving this month?
what would your mood board look like?

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    1. i know! isn't is darling? hope you're doing well, girl!! xo

  2. I just think your son is the cutest thing ever and has a better fashion sense than a lot of men I know. So cute!

    1. awe, so sweet!! haha- thank you! i love having a little boy <3