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a grateful heart

breathe it in. be all there. 

last week i decided to disconnect from this space + instagram for the week to take in all that is around me. i love both of these communities so much- so it's hard. i have realized so much this year that there is so much around me and that i need to listen to my body. a house that needs cleaning. dinner that needs making. a toddler that needs playing and bathing and feeding and cuddling. a husband that needs advice and arms to hold and a shop that needs its shop owner. and in between all of this, there is my desire to document and to photograph. i beat myself up and pressure myself to maintain it all.  but then i laugh. and i eat a bowl of honey nut cheerios, blast some good tunes, grab parks' chubby little hand to dance and realize that i just need to enjoy being where i am, in the middle of it all. 

i like being right there. 

-a grateful heart-
(it's been awhile and i miss these posts)

+ the days parks and i grab a smoothie and walk around one of my favorite neighborhoods + play at a local park 
+ a church i genuinely look forward to going every week, a place that has been so influential to my husband and i over the past seven months
+ norah jones holiday station 
+ the color, camel 
+ the smell of fir needles 
+ rose toner
+ macha 
+ baskets + blankets 
+ sitting in front of a fireplace
+ looking at photos of beautiful, old homes
+ memories from childhood
+ hazelnut coffee creamer
+ maintaining long-distance friendships
+ toast with almond butter, bananas and honey
+ breakfast on the beach 
+ alone time, especially in the early morning hours 
last weekend, we traveled without parks to florida for the weekend
our resort was so lovely + serene + beautiful
with my sweet husband - he's such a great one. 

mornings with this special little boy
adoring this oversized coat in rose + camel + black
it's from a boutique where i grew up
here is the link | minster merchant31
{and it's under $40!}
what are you most grateful for lately?


  1. Very nice post! I love your images and the colors in your blog are so pretty.

    1. thank you so much!! you just made my day and i really appreciate it!