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simply loving

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'don't let yesterday take up too much of today.' 

simply loving |

+ breakfast for dinner + fresh juices
+ the weather this week in the carolinas = perfect
+ heirloom pumpkins
+ the smell of cinnamon and fir needle
tift merritt radio
+ this is life by lisa ling on cnn
+ weeknight dinners across the united states (or 'suppers' where i grew up) 
see his hands... they are blurry. because he never stops moving. unless he's a tad bit tired and i can get him to cuddle with me. he is an excellent cuddler. yesterday, when i picked him up from school, he saw me in the door and said, 'mom!' in the cutest little voice. it was adorable. then he ran to me and gave me the biggest bear hug. 
a morning at south end grind yesterday. they are so friendly + exceptional coffee + an incredible / relaxing vibe + the vegan donuts are the best.  
a laundry day today. the windows are open, essential oils are diffusing, the music is playing
+ i need your help? what headboard would you recommend + where to buy? 
a breakfast date with parks this morning. his friday treat was my favorite as a kid, on my grandma's plates. i talked to him about all the memories i had on her farm growing up... and we laughed a lot.

any weekend plans?

... what are you currently loving...


  1. Aww a boy's breakfast date with his mama sounds so fun :) And all my photos of my little one are blurry because he never stops moving, either ;)

    1. it was a lot of fun! we laughed a lot. and it's so true, right? you are the sweetest and thank you for all of the love. xo