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simply loving

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-simply loving-

+ the book, big little lies (i just started the hbo series last night!) 
+ an hour at the gym. parks loves school, the gym and our church's childcare centers- so it's been nice to have some time to myself lately. i have next week planned in advance regarding classes: a combo of pilates, yoga, and cardio. 
+ these autumn cookies  
+ anyone else watch jeopardy? this guy is pretty funny. 
+ i want to buy these romper jumpsuit overalls for parks ... one for every day of the week
+ tom petty radio - all week. 
+ juice + smoothie bars (i would take the pumpkin ones over a psl every time.)
+ most of all- the book, the war on normal by jenny baker and sarah blight. this book is really speaking to me. the kindle version was released today but you will be able to purchase the paperback version very soon (i will post about it on here + insta) a description: 'giving birth is one of the most empowering moments of a woman's life, but it's also the very experience that catapults us into one of the hardest and longest fights we'll ever face. shame, discouragement and frustration flood our thoughts and feelings as we struggle to move our post-partum bodies towards an ambiguous standard of "normal". in the war on normal, we cry, we think and we dig deep, as we examine the messages our culture, our friends and even our inner voices convince us to be true. we look at research and hear from other moms, as we learn tools to help us uproot the lies that lead us to despair and show us how to walk in the truth and freedom that leads us to contentment. the fight is touch but we are worth it! join us on a journey of freedom and personal growth as we fight the war on normal and finally experience contentment in our post-baby bodies. ... want to join me? i am currently reading it and it's been so eye-opening + just what i think i needed. so much that just thinking about it all brings tears to my eyes. there are interactive parts that allow you to dig deep through journaling. i am excited to share more and invite you if this fight has been a struggle for you?

i just ordered this top, the savana ruffle, for olive june 
{let me know if you are interested!}
this magazine, darling- the art of being a woman- is my favorite 
a few new accessories, like this beanie, are coming to shop olive june
blooms from a local farmer's market 

this evening we have plans to go for a walk and enjoy the evening as a family. it is such an important and quiet time for us and i am already counting down the hours for it to happen. a lot of reflecting lately on the life i intend to have for our family and it doesn't involve more- but better. it involves presence and prayer and deep conversations. all of the precious times; time spent together. hope you are all having a wonderful start to october. i am compiling a playlist to share on here ... stay tuned.

any weekend plans? 
be well, friends

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