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simple ways to embrace slow living

throughout this year, i have been writing about how i want to embrace 'slow living'. when i look back, we traveled/had plans almost every weekend from march through july. in august, i launched a new business and re-branded this space. september was so good for the soul, especially with parks starting toddler school. a few hours a week alone for a wahm + sahm was much needed. i love to travel and usually get the itch after too long... but at the same time, it usually leaves me feeling burnt out and craving time at home. lately, i am trying to practice more of the lifestyle i yearn for- as i stop glorifying busy and implement everyday practices that promote relationships, my faith and mindfulness. november is going to bring lots of trips so i am trying to really take in october... 

simple ways /

01. try growing something 
02. divide your tasks into ten minute intervals
03. add more greenery to your home
04. be thankful, calm and patient 
05. yoga / meditation 
06. take a nap / sleep when tired / cuddle up with a blanket and watch a timeless movie 
07. eat breakfast without checking your phone 
08. call someone you love 
09. light a candle / enjoy a candlelit dinner with others (all about this pretty little fawn candle by craft + foster)
10. have a girl's night in 
11. open the curtains for natural light + make your bed 
12. check your phone + computer at designated times of the day and de-clutter your workspace 
13. wear your favorite perfume or make your favorite meal 
14. detox from technology one day a week 
15. wake up with a morning routine and slow down your evening with a night ritual 

know your priorities
less tv, more reading
no phones at meal time
relax your jaw
less clutter, more space
more outdoors 
less consuming, more creating
stop over committing 
look around
some little ways to practice self-care and embrace the moments 

i am really enjoying a more minimal lifestyle 
a lifestyle that doesn't mean you have to get rid of everything 
and one that i am still in the process of creating
but one that makes me more aware of the things, the experiences, the priorities in life.

what are your favorite ways to live a purposeful and slow life?


  1. These are all great suggestions -- I know we've felt so much better adding more plants in our home.

    1. thank you so much! i would love to add more real ones... we have a lot of ikea specials. but there is just something about the real ones. i always love the ones in your insta photos.

  2. Wonderful post! I pinned it for later, because this is just the kind of reminder I need every so often. I would love to adopt this "slow living" philosophy <3


    1. :) thank you so much! i hope you enjoy these! xo