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fall fashion | for the littles


good morning! i shared this photo on instagram the other day but i turned around while getting ready to this scene. size 4t rain boots, no shirt and joggers. my boy loves some rain boots... so now these are in his playroom. it's no secret that i love clothes, fashion, bargain shopping, etc. i honestly love to bargain shop basics so that i can purchase a few things that i really, really love every season. today, i thought i would share some of my absolute fall favorite pieces for toddler boys + girls. i am hoping to share more fashion posts with you all regularly. what do you all think?

 would you like to see more clothing inspirations on here?

toddler girl + boy fall fashion 
girls |
+ pom pom hat (looking for a beanie for yourself? i just got this one in my shop) 
+ high tips with pom poms (i bought these for my niece) 
+ checked flannel dress (i just had a twinning shirt for momma in my shop, the ivy plaid) 
+ knit dungarees (my favorite of all) 

boys |
+ dungarees with pouch pocket (would be so cute for the holidays) 

people ask me a lot where i like to shop for parks... 
as you can see, zara, h & m, gap, cat & jack and old navy are my favorites
on another note: i have been spending my mornings (when parks is in school) working at coffee shops around charlotte- always my happy place. it feels so good to be able to do this again.

like i mentioned earlier, i do love consignment (esp. kid to kid if you have one of those near you) ... i can usually get a whole bag of gently used / cute clothes for $30-40. 

where do you love to shop for your littles?


  1. Parks' is always dressed so darling. Phoenix loves wearing shoes -- we don't have any rain boots but I can only imagine how fancy he'd feel in them!

    1. thank you so much... means so much. and he loves shoes as well. but boots are his faves. excited to see some photos of phoenix in some boots! he will love. xo