currently | october edition | olive june

currently | october edition

styling | our front porch for fall! last week, i picked up a wreath at michael's for 60% off and took off the pieces that didn't fit my style + put on some lighter pinks. i love the way it turned out so far. i am hoping to share more on here but i did give a sneak peek on instagram the other day. i also picked up some neutral pumpkins, a mum, and a few plants. last year, i made this wreath

saving | i am starting to sell lots and lots of things from our home (this month is going to be a full overhaul/purge- hopefully.) and am trying to decide what i want to save up for? ... a piece of furniture (a couch and headboard are at the top of our list) or a trip? or savings? maybe a little of all three? or something else... also, what is your favorite site to sell used clothes on? thoughts on poshmark? (any tips if you use/enjoy?) 

searching | for the cooler weather... it's been a little better in the carolinas but i can't wait for it to be here for good. i am a cool weather lover- through and through. (because... i adore coziness + the fashion) i am also searching for things for my shop: olive june. there are many more cute things on the way. for all of you, please enjoy 10% off today with code: theolivejune (here if you need anything!) 

picking | up fresh flowers/food from the market and then hopefully going to an apple orchard with friends soon and an anticipated trip to a local pumpkin patch (or a few). 

making | i am still experimenting with a more plant-based/vegetarian diet - loving eggplants, lots of fresh veggies/hummus and smoothies/juices. 

the cleo dress + local apples
loving these colors 
i just got this, the marinna printed dress, yesterday and it's seriously so much more beautiful in person. this is so perfect for fall photos + very soft! (and nursing friendly) remember, you can use 'theolivejune' for 10% off your order. 
-my current view/office-
there is also one in asheville, north carolina 
momma + son 
the truest love
he also loves sweet, nora. a hometown + college + city friend's little girl
these two were born just one day apart and had the best time at an authentic charlotte oktoberfest celebration. parks really loved the polka band and running down the hill. 

...what are you currently loving...

thank you anne + dana for hosting


  1. Please share some of your favorite plant-based recipes! I have been trying to eat less meat and I am finding that I enjoy it more than meat recipes.

  2. Happy October Sweet Lady. Your pictures are always so dream. I love that marinna dress. I started decorating my front porch today, too. I love it but i'm wanting to add some mums to it, too. I just adore this time of year.

  3. I'm so bad about updating my porch for the seasons but love the idea - the one you made last year is so pretty! And that is a great "saving" idea for sure. I always like cleaning out, and it's a bonus if you can save up for something else in the process! I have just started using Poshmark and have been fairly happy with my results. I've sold probably 6-7 things in a month. I think pricing fairly low helps - I just want to get things cleaned out, and a few bucks is better than nothing, I figure.

  4. Wow! We both think alike. I did something of this nature on my blog. A life updates post for the month of September. Please do check mine out as I enjoyed reading yours also