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charlotte spotlight | pachyderm music lab

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yesterday we attended our first baby punk class... featuring nirvana! at the pachyderm music lab in indian trail, north carolina (right outside of charlotte). they offer group classes for both adults and children, private lessons on a wide variety of instruments, jam sessions, band rehearsal spaces, a vinyl exchange club, they believe in music as a form of therapy, and provide various ways to bond with your children. 

+ not your typical baby music class! it's very unique and fun 
+ perfect for ages 0-4
+ types of music: grunge, punk, and alternative
+ lots of instruments for them to explore: drums, bass, electric guitar, microphone (parks loved talking in it) kazoos, keyboards, shakers
+ the instruments are labeled with shapes to help the children play single notes
+ it was energetic! they also provided the option of getting a 'tattoo,' there was a baby mosh pit and then they all went 'crowd surfing' at the end. 
the outside of the music lab was decorated so cute for halloween / fall 
there is a playroom with a video monitor for your kids to be play in while you take lessons
his big brown eyes are my favorite 
he's a natural and now my husband wants him to have a drum set. thoughts? noise doesn't really bother me... but... any experience? 
another feature i love? they have a workshop called lady rockstars where they challenge women to step into the unknown and take on the endeavor of learning either the bass, guitar, or ukulele. the instructors support you and after a month, you are be ready for a performance. they started this in 2014 and not a single person has done poorly. anyone else, like myself, ever dreamt of being able to play the guitar? i feel like this is a fabulous opportunity to take the chance and conquer a lifelong wish list item. to learn more about the weekly schedule and info about the class | lady rockstars
a record exchange library, where you can come and rent albums 
parks got his first tattoo - he picked the pizza emoji (no surprise!) 
fresh ink
'blackbird singing in the dead of night. take your broken wings and learn to fly. all your life.'
- the beatles
he loved the piano and the drums most (esp. the foot pedal on each) 
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parks warmed up quickly and appeared to really love his first experience 
i loved learning about the meaning behind their unique name
(any charlie and the chocolate factory fans?)
my dear friend, julia, and her son, clark, joined us. he is six months old and is the sweetest. 
he loved the guitar. and the owner, krystle, was so awesome with all the kids
rock on, little one

contact info + social media

i highly recommend attending one of these classes and checking out their inviting space 


  1. My brother-in-law (Max's godfather) got Max a mini drum set for Christmas last year (looks a lot like the one Parks is using). I don't mind the drums at all, and I feel like I'm a bit less easy-going compared to you ;o). Max is very musical and we want to encourage his exploration with instruments. He's still too young to be entertained by them for an extended period of time, so they're no bother to us right now. And Louisa loves them too, esp. the pedals, just like Parks! Get him the drums!!! Santa is bring us an electric keyboard for Christmas too! Now I just need to convince the hubs to ditch the formal dining room table to turn the room into a music room!!!

    1. thank you, sweet friend. great advice and so good to know. your kids are so precious!! i always adore your parenting advice. and YES!! victor... a music room- so fun. #doit. xo