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autumn in the carolinas

sometimes you just need to pack up your toddler and get out of the city to prance around a farm and play and pick out pumpkins and eat apple cider donuts and enjoy a hayride. so that's precisely what we did on saturday morning and i cannot think of a better way to spend an autumn day. this little place known as hall family farm has such a friendly and festive vibe.  my heart bursted about a hundred times as i watched parks explore. despite his quick pace, he reminds me to slow down and savor the moments. 

we also welcomed a car ... a new nissan pathfinder. it's bright white with almond/beige colored seats (she is beautiful and i think perfect for our family) so much more room and so smooth. 
adoring this sweater from shop 'olive june'
the ruffles, the color, the feel 
the hayride had props and songs related to movie themes
we woke up (all three of us) this morning, nestled in our king-size bed, the windows open and the smell and sound of rain pitter-pattering. 
donuts... or 'nonuts' as he calls them are his favorite. his grandpa bought him this and he was ecstatic
my shoes: target 
thank you, astleigh of darling do for recommending these... they are my go-to shoes for this season
that smirk. i know that one. 

how was your weekend? are you celebrating this season... 

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