we're going on a bear hunt... a day at the cincinnati zoo | olive june

we're going on a bear hunt... a day at the cincinnati zoo

on sunday we took parks to the cincinnati zoo and he really enjoyed it... honestly, more than i thought he was going to. i really thought he was going to love the stroller ride and a graeter's ice cream cone most but he loved the flamingos, the train ride, and the elephants a lot. (but really the whole trip!) 

i thought this display about all of the different flowers around the zoo was cool 
the flamingos... his first exhibit and when i quickly realized that he was probably going to love his first trip
our little family outside of the elephant house... they were a few feet away from us and were eating... you may have seen the boomerangs of their ears that i put on insta
this was my first visit to a zoo as an adult and i am not going to lie, parts of the experience were a little difficult... it's hard to see all of the animals not in their original habitat... and due to my sentimental personality, this made me sad. however, i did appreciate their beauty. the park was clean and i would love to explore their botanical garden more next time. 
he loves his dad
this is as close to the 'reptile house' as i get. 
the female lions were gorgeous 
my dad snapped this photo of parks... i love it
everyone ran over to see if fiona the hippo was out (she wasn't) but her parents were fishing and my family loved that... while i was like, 'oh, i love these flowers!!'
a train ride with my boy
he loves to be outside
watching the gorillas
my parents were so helpful with him all week 
'we create a meaningful life by what we accept as true and by what we create in the pursuit of truth, love, beauty, and adoration of beauty.' - kilroy j. oldster
oh! snacks + a train ride 
ps: anyone else love the book, we're going on a bear hunt? i read it all the time to parks, imitating how my own mother read it to me. i love it so
what animals are your favorites to see at the zoo?

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