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simply loving

i have had better weeks in life ... but i am going to stay positive, keep praying, and remember that we all have our health. (minus the fact that parks and i already have 'the pre-school plague') but... we will be better hopefully soon. how was your week?

+ this top from my shop 
+ this post about friendship  
+ my new business cards for my blog + shop arrived (i am in love with the texture and rounded corners) i really wanted a clean, simple look and i really love the way they turned out. also, do you all use the 'honey' app on your devices? it automatically goes through every code on the internet and applies them to your order. (i saved over $19 on these and papa john's- almost always 25% off) because when you have days like yesterday, your husband brings home wine and flowers- and you order pizza (and brownies). 
+ our church is beginning a series right now with the enneagram institute and it's so interesting. here is the excerpt about our new series. our church is compassionate, it's welcoming, it's inspiring, it's creative... it's home. my husband is #9, the peacemaker (just like we predicted last week when they went through each one) ... i hope to take the test this weekend but i think it would be interesting for family members + friends to take it as well; to help us understand one another a little bit better- how we perceive the world, the way we tick- our strengths and our weaknesses- an awareness of how we can work together, understand, and relate to one another and to God in a better way. have you taken this personality test? if so, i would love to hear what you are. i am 95% sure i know what one i am... but we will see. 
+ a beautiful mess' new shop, oui fresh... esp. the essential oils. i have my eye on the fir and rose. i am going to be saving up for these two... rumor has it that these two + the grapefruit smells just like anthro! essential oils- i am all about you. i also love this coffee mug
+ velvet.

this is his newest ninja trick at target... straped in and all. we were shopping for my niece's 5th birthday- i let him pick between two things and we went with parks' favorite.
i can't with the girl's 'cat and jack' line. i just can't. 
an uptown charlotte scene 
what are your favorite places for plant-based recipes (that involve minimal ingredients) 

what are you simply loving + weekend plans, friends?
i hope it's wonderful 


  1. I hope you all have a better week -- I'm sure Phoenix got sick from being at school, but it's just part of childhood. I'm grateful for our ability and access to good healthcare.

    I have my eye on a few more essential oil scents too -- I really want more citrusy smells.

    1. thank you so much!! so do i. I hope he's feeling better as well and yes, so thankful. i LOVE orange and lemon... but cinnamon, peppermint and lavender (and thieves- that too for the body/germs lately) are my favs. i can't stop thinking about the fir and rose though. grapefruit also sounds dreamy

  2. I love essential oils as well! I hope you enjoy the series at your church. :)

  3. I'm so sorry you and your son are not feeling well so early in the school year. Feel better soon! Your new church series sounds interesting. Enjoy those new business cards. :)

    1. hi! you are so sweet- thank you so much. it means a lot

  4. I hope you both feel better! I haven't tried essential oils yet, but I've heard so many good things about it that maybe I should!

    1. thank you!! and they have been life-changing. i highly recommend.