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shop olive june | grand opening!

it's here! my shop, olive june, opened today. i fell in love with the shop stevie hender brand about a year ago and have found over the past year that i have a passion for curating fashion for others. along the way, this dream is something that i have not been able to stop thinking about. and now i have my own boutique- full of her line. as of this afternoon, you can now shop through my website at any point ... i am hoping to add denim, shoes, and outerwear (and lots of fall items!!) hopefully soon. i do have a lot of transitional pieces (from summer to fall) currently in my shop. in addition, a kids collection (hopefully) and plus size clothing (soon!) is on the way. i will be sharing styles on here from time to time, along with my journey. 

please know... i am always here if you need anything 

here is my website | olive june
group (styling, giveaways, promos) | olive june. stevie rep

be you
do you
for you. 
remember- you got this.
i plan to go above and beyond for my customers and am so appreciative for the support so far
trust me- the mary jane sweater and ella brushed top are both the softest material ever.

i will be doing lots of girl's night + pop-ups (i am thinking playdates will be fun?!) 
if you want to host in-person or online, let me know (free clothes!!) 
please let me know your favorites + styles you would love to see in my shop 

wish me luck 
-i have been dreaming about this for awhile- 


  1. Congrats! That's so exciting to go after your dreams.

    1. so sweet!! thank you so much <3 i am very excited

  2. Congrats! It looks beautiful, and I love how passionate you are about work work!

    1. thank you so much!! means so much and i love the clothes... so it's a dream!

  3. Congrats! It looks beautiful, and I love how passionate you are about it! I'm sure that will serve you (and your customers) well!