parks' first day of weekday school | olive june

parks' first day of weekday school

it's a big day in the monaco household... parks james started weekday school in a toddler class today (on his godfather's birthday). i was a little emotional (mainly because he has been my main sidekick, my bud, for the past nineteen months) but i was overall, good. i am so excited for him and hope he enjoys his time there. i think that if he was four/five and it was officially 'pre-school,' i would be a big mess. he will be going two mornings a week this year and i already love, love the school- which makes all of this so much easier. 

i mean... 
don't let him fool you... i think he was excited. 
a little blurry but i don't care... i love this boy. and that he got his dada's eyes.
(he never stops moving so photos tend to be blurry lately!)
his 'moe moe' (favorite thing in the world) went along 
outfit | 
ivory thermal: kid to kid huntersville ($2.99) . jeans and shoes: cat and jack (target) . police car socks: castle house (boutique in hyde park / cincinnati) . dino: jellycat 
letterboard | letterfolk
bear lunch box for our 'boo bear' | amazon
'oh the places you will go, sweet parks...'
p is for parks
always follow your dreams + heart 
and always be humble + kind
those are momma's wishes for you 
lunch day one (planning on sharing lunch box ideas on my instagram stories)
would any of you be interested in that?
container | yumbox
when it's your first baby, the first day of school ever and you love photos... 
well, you take a lot of photos 
although i miss him already, i am enjoying some time at a local coffee shop 
trade and lore in the noda / arts district
 (charlotte locals- it's so serene yet fun- a wonderful atmosphere)
this one might be my favorite. i know this look.
prayers that our old + sweet-souled boy has a great year with his teachers and new friends
what are your favorite lunch ideas for a toddler (no nuts allowed/sunflower butter is...)
...would love some ideas...

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  1. Happy first day of school, Parks! Max has a yumbox, too, and I'm also looking for lunch ideas. He can't have any nut/sun butters of any kind at his school (I even looked for nut-free granola bars...harder to find than you'd think since most still could have traces of nuts in them), and this kid LOVES him some PB&J! He's also super picky...won't even eat a cheese stick! Hope Parks has a great year!

    1. thank you, sweet friend. <3 i am hoping to share some ideas/his lunches on insta (but no promises!! haha) they only allow sun. parks LOVES peanut butter. and LOVES cheese (i almost put it on his letter board) i hope max has a great year as well... i think parks had fun (he's still sleeping.) xo