my sister's baby shower | olive june

my sister's baby shower

this past june, we showered my sister and her sweet baby (girl). (at the time, we didn't know whether the baby was a girl or a boy) my hopes for the day was that it would hopefully be personal, slightly bohemian, feminine and just a fun day; a celebration and an escape from the crib / stroller assembling and newborn birth classes. about an hour after the shower, the men/kids came over (many were at a local brewery during the shower) and we continued to celebrate with a bbq and campfire. i have never felt such appreciation and thankfulness for my planning than i did this entire weekend. certainly not why i spend countless hours orchestrating small gatherings, but it was very nice and i left feeling thankful for all of the people who attended. more than anything, i know my sister really enjoyed her special day. there are many more photos... but here are some of the details from the day.

this dress is actually from my new clothing line, olive june
(i told you all that i was wearing the stevie hender brand all the time) 
whole foods + a local sushi shop catered all the food and then we had some delicious watermelon + rosemary & lemonade cocktails / mocktails + local brews 
moccasins | twine and twig 
-the dessert table-
i bought these his + her bunnies from rose & rex (i simply adore their shop) and put them above a hi. welcome sign on the front porch (they represented bassey and jess / boy or girl) 
i did a lot of black and white with pops of pinks and mint and gold
the cake (carrot) was made by my favorite hometown bakery, rachel's cakes, in anna, ohio
the cake balls and macaroons were both from whole foods and the succulents from lilybel (more soon on this small business!) 

i love to put photos of the couple + people being recognized throughout a small event space 
i created a photo booth and placed it outside/against the garage door using my mini polaroid camera. my dad helped me create the wood board + strings + clothes pins + black and white photos 
o.m.g becky- look at her bump.
there was so much love in that house. 
we all signed my favorite children's book, the wonderful things you will be as a 'guest book'
i love the illustrations in this book and the message- so much.
everyone brought a children's book in lieu of a card
for the favors, i tied a cactus 'thank you' tag to green + pink sparkling seltzers from trader joe's and put packs of sour patch kids in muslin bags (because my sister and i have a thing for sour patch kids... and she was getting ready to have a kid- so it naturally made sense) 
she has such amazing, funny, sweet, thoughtful friends
the men at the bbq 
j.crew twinning
parks' gift for tia 
(my sister really loves corn on the cob)
my amazing momma + jess
childhood friends + our neighbors growing up 
the kids were just the cutest at the bbq 
-the favors-
my dad is always the best helper at these events ... and thanked me over and over for all of my work. it really meant a lot. 
we played one game during the shower- bingo while she opened her gifts
the prizes were succulents - homemade and carefully shipped from a friend in san francisco - lilybel
the photo booth ended up being lots of fun 
the invites | creative fix design
i sent my sister about five options and she picked these... i have never received so much love about invites (besides our wedding/save the dates) but everyone seemed to really like them (again, so appreciative.) i tied the registry ( cards) and books for baby tags around the invite using black + white twine
she loves my baby boy
more about the flower shop | gia & and the blooms
milk glasses for the little kids
we ordered sushi from my sister's favorite spot 
the men (and women) were invited to bring a pack of diapers (any size) to the bbq (it was totally optional) but everyone who did was entered into a 'diaper raffle' for the gift above
(yeti, fun socks in honor of the dad-to-be, candle, lottery tickets, local beer, ogre sauce- the best + a big deal in our fam.)
these two were so helpful!! 
i love you and am so proud of the momma you have become over the past few weeks
more than anything, i hope it was all my sister had ever dreamt of
... and by the look of this smile... 
i think it was. 
(and that smile has only grown since the arrival of my sweet niece, leona rose)

baby shower details |

invites: etsy 
book info for the cards: etsy 
paper products: shop sweet lulu 
large balloons: shop sweet lulu
cupcake toppers: etsy
cake topper: etsy
hi. sign: etsy
bunnies + corn rattle: rose & rex 
pom pom garland on gift from parks: etsy 
wooden toys: sarah & bendrix
gold animals on milk glasses: target $1 spot
baby balloon: etsy
favor 'thank you' tags: etsy
mini letter boards | amazon
bingo boards: etsy
guest book: amazon
diaper raffle tags: etsy
large letter board | letterfolk 

*let me know if you have questions about anything!


  1. So beautiful! You're hired to plan my next get-together! ;o) We love The Wonderful Things You Will Be, too (thanks to you!). Louisa always kisses the little baby with the yellow hood every time she looks at it!

    1. i am game!! i would love that and really want to visit. and how wonderful is that book!! so glad you all appreciate and love it as well. SO sweet... love that girl. xo

  2. Everything was so gorgeous. You really have a talent for throwing showers and get togethers. They always look so dreamy! How sweet of your dad to always be so involved, my dad is too and it's the best! You and your sister are gorgeous, by the way. Everything looked so perfect and pretty!

    1. your comments are always just SO nice and thoughtful. thank you. my dad is just a rockstar and such a wonderful person, helper, listener- the list goes on. he always goes above and beyond to help during every event i throw in ohio (and when he is here) thank you for the love, sweet friend. xo