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essential oils | fall blends


one of the things that i want to talk more about on the old blog is my love for essential oils. sidenote: i do not sell them but have a few people i know who do if you are interested in purchasing. my hope is to create posts that show you how to simply and effortlessly incorporate oils, along with many other natural plant-based products, into your daily routines so you can benefit from their restoring, supporting, and nourishing properties. 

our family uses essential oils for many things but one common thread i have noticed is how much this changes seasonally. the oils we pull out in the summer months are vastly different from those we lean on in the winter. this makes sense of course, because nature has a way of both fading away and flowing just like our immune system and the way our bodies respond to drastic seasonal shifts. today, i am sharing some mixtures that i recommend for the current season: autumn! let's jump in with some ideas for what to diffuse to make your home smell cozy + lovely for crisp autumn days. 

pumpkin pie | 
1 drop clove
1 drop nutmeg
5 drops cinnamon

walk in the woods | 
4 drops cypress
2 drops white fur
2 drops sandalwood

flannel shirt |
4 drops bergamont
3 drops cinnamon
3 drops stress away

spiced cider |
4 drops orange
3 drops ginger 
3 drops cinnamon

spiced chai |
3 drops cardamom
2 drops cinnamon
2 drops clove
1 drop ginger

autumn in the air |
5 drops christmas spirit
2 drops clove
2 drops lemon

snickerdoodle |
5 drops stress away
3 drops cinnamon
1 drop nutmeg

trick or treat | 
4 drops orange 
2 drops cinnamon 
2 drops ginger
restore | use oils to help clean and refresh your home

support | use oils to help balance, protect, and heal your body and your home 

nourish | use oils to love on your body and your home

do you use essential oils? 
...what are your favorite fall blends...

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  1. These all sound so amazing. I have the starter kit, but I would like to add more citrus oils to create more blends. I do like clove and lemon together but I'm curious how adding Christmas in the air would change it!