currently | september edition | olive june

currently | september edition

celebrating | the launch of my shop + a beautiful new niece

watching | we are finally watching 'this is us.' ... i know. did you watch it? we are on episode five and i am really enjoying it and the characters.

welcoming | cooler temperatures (bring on the pumpkins, sweaters, and football)

preparing | for parks' first day of pre-school tomorrow... outfit is picked, lunch is packed, forms are filled out, and the letter board is complete. i can't believe it. i really think he is going to love it and i adore his three teachers. they seem wonderful. the school is less than ten minutes from our home, in uptown charlotte.

photographing | pieces of my new shop + clothes, parks (always.), the delicious food from brunch yesterday with my childhood best friend, renee, at luna's living kitchen + the gift box i got last week from bonnie + bud.
i spent most of saturday setting up + organizing my new space 
if you are local to charlotte and want to come shop- all are always welcome! girl nights are so fun with wine and clothes. 
bonnie + bud florals 
the pasendena dress from my collection + parks in his comfy mrly apparel 
saturday morning scene 
go bengals + panthers 
(he was still waking up!)
these shoes are coming to my shop soon
and this sweater might just be a new all-time favorite. i love the color camel 
brunch yesterday 
a shop scene 
off to a family gathering yesterday... got my friends. 

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    1. Thank you so much!! It did :) he LOVES schools 💙

  2. We just started preschool too - and while it's going great, I still think the lunch packing might be his favorite part :) Also: soooo many cute things in your shop! And I love the setup. So fun.

    1. Thank you so much! It's going wel :) and hope it's going well for you all... parks loves school!