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clothing brand | mrly giveaway

thank you to mrly for kindly sponsoring this post. all opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.
mrly is one of my favorite children's clothing lines. they believe that 'simple is beautiful' (and i agree.) all of the pieces are high-quality, super comfy, everyday clothes that allow a kid's personality to do the talking. all of the clothes are easy to mix-and-match and the gender neutral colors allow you to hand them down to younger siblings or friends. all textiles are sourced from japan and are proudly manufactured right here in the usa. how adorable are these clothes?

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versatile and neutral pieces for both girls and boys 
i love color but am also all about some great neutrals
-the beginning of mrly-
mrly was founded in december 2016 by kyoko seki and trevor potulski. after spending a combined nineteen years in fashion retail at abercrombie & fitch, they decided it was time for a new adventure. you all know how much i believe in this, in the importance of always following your heart and making changes (even when it's risky or scary.) in august 2016, on a business trip to hong kong, they discussed the future and their hopes and dreams... and discovered that they were very closely aligned. rather than continuing to dream, they both decided that it was time to go for it. after tossing around several ideas, they decided to combine their experience in fashion retail with their love and passion for children- to build a clothing brand for kids. they decided to name the brand mrly {pronouced mahr-lee) an acronym for the initials of their four kids. 
and from there, mrly was born. 
be sure to check out the video on their facebook page about their first collection
parks loves these clothes
helping the community | 

helping families in need is important to mrly so they partnered with ronald mcdonald house charities of central ohio. (my cousin, kelly, was twelve weeks premature, weighing 2 lbs 1 oz and my aunt and uncle are so grateful for this charity- so i really love this. and she is one of my biggest supporters in life). laundry expenses are a huge expense for rmhc so they proudly donate one load of laundry for every item purchased. each and every load makes a difference 
(photo: canvas & glass)

my sweet cousin, the most beautiful bride, on her wedding day (this past march) with parks
they don't come any better than her... and again, i don't think she has ever missed one of my posts. 
clothing pieces | 
parks has been wearing these clothes all the time lately and we absolutely love them. their solid + striped tees, hoodies, little dresses, and pants are so sweet and comfortable, and they fit wonderfully. plus, how cute is their sizing chart?  
mrly social media |

-a giveaway-

1. all who enter the mailing list will be sent a special: $10 off any order - to the first fifty people 
(the mailing list is at the bottom of their website | here
2.  enter the giveaway below (rafflecopter link) for a $50 gift card to mrly (yay!!) 

+ this giveaway will end on september 15 at midnight 
+ winner must be 18 years or older 
columbus area friends: there is a pop-up on september 15 in gahanna! here is more info 
they also offer gift cards... the perfect gift for a loved one
please comment below with your favorite piece from the collection
hope you love this cute brand as much we do 


  1. How comfy do those clothes look! And Parks just is adorable - and growing up so fast! I would love to have the opportunity to win this giveaway because we’re looking to outfit him for his Europe trip and that includes new sweats and tees for the colder cities this fall. I love absolutely all of them - it’s hard to decide! ;)

    Thanks for sharing this awesome brand and offering a giveaway!

    1. awe, you are the best. thank you so much and i appreciate the love + support. this brand is amazing ... he wore his hoodie today. i hope you have the BEST time in europe!!! can't wait to follow along and hope you've been well. greyson is also adorable. love him. xo

  2. The dresses are precious! And the culottes! And the joggers!

    1. i love them!! the dresses <3 sweet lou would look SO cute. xo (and so glad she's feeling better)

  3. These all look so comfortable! It's really hard to find beautiful but neutral kids clothing. Personally, I try to avoid a lot of prints or words on Phoenix's clothes. I like his personality to do the talking.

    1. i agree!! in life, i love color AND neutrals (i confuse myself!!) but i think phoenix would look adorable in these and thank you for all of your support. xo

  4. These clothes look so comfy and cute! I love the neutral colors also - and the Ronald McDonald House! I appreciate a company that gives back!

    1. i do too!! esp. to one like that! it means a lot to our family and aren't they adorable? we are big fans!!