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a special delivery | bonnie & bud

a few weeks ago, i wrote a post about unique gift ideas and ways to make them extra special. today, i received a very special delivery, a box from my very favorite of all, bonnie + bud. my parents sent me this box as a 'congrats / well wishes' on my new business adventure. it was the perfect surprise as parks and i walked outside, in the pouring rain, to run errands. we played in the puddles for a bit, took in the cooler/sixty- degree weather (love.), picked up my first psl of the season and got some things done around charlotte. we are playing 'catch-up' from our week in cincinnati.  i was just so surprised and as always, the beauty in these boxes always takes my breath away.

isn't it just so beautiful?
the owner, whitney, curates these personal gift boxes using local + small businesses
and this one was simply perfect. 
all of her boxes include a handwritten note 
you all know how much i love some fresh flowers
methodical coffee... you might remember this post about my love for this coffee shop 
i just loved the colors of the flowers...
they reminded me how my mom used to decorate our room + dress my sister and i 
chocolates, a towel, coffee, florals, buttermilk biscuit mix, a candle, caramels (favorite of all-time), honey, toffee 
such an interesting combo for caramels but so good. 
you really need to check out shotwell candy co if you haven't!!
"she remembered who she was and the game changed." - lalah deliah
stack bracelets from one of my very favorite shops, twine & twig 
the candle from 'we took to the woods' smells fabulous!
the twine + twig bracelet (i could not have picked a better one) and roasted & salted pecans 
i spy a chuck taylor! whoops.
a shop scene 
the launch of my new shop has been even better than i could have imagined- i am so grateful.
thank you so much, mom and dad
two of my biggest blog readers
and for sure, my lifelong cheerleaders
-there are no words-
your love + support always means so much 
if you want to make someone smile + cheer someone up, i can't recommend bonnie + bud enough 
(they do ship!)

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