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unique gift ideas + five ways to add a special touch

i am passionate about giving gifts. i have always loved the act of giving. from gathering the items to intricate wrapping, all of it brings me joy. i love to show others how much they mean to me, especially when they least expect it. today, i am sharing some gift ideas i adore + ways to make it a little bit more special than usual. i hope you enjoy.  

-unique gift ideas-

+ currently my favorite gift for a mom/grandma: these silhouette lockets by a family print shop
+ a candle from twine & cotton (handmade by sweet astleigh of 'darling do' blog) #falllove
+ custom (i mean- they are so gorgeous) gift boxes from bonnie + bud (locally curated in charlotte but they do ship) ... seriously, check these out. i love the owner, whitney, so much- she is incredibly kind, creative and generous. (and she hand-writes each note, which are attached to the gift box) 
+ a bouquet from farmgirl flowers (so beautiful) 
+ fun packaged soap like this one (or local... i love to have local soap around our home... peppermint-eucalyptus is my all-time favorite scent for the kitchen) 
+ other personal favorites: a deep house clean, massage or facial (or for a lover ... a getaway!) 
+ and this one is really random... but how cute is this blush duckhead umbrella? i don't think i have an umbrella, but i think i would really love receiving + the gesture
these are just the most precious thing i have ever seen
handmade by a family print shop
how cute is this bundle for a new mom? by bonnie + bud

-five ways to add a special touch- 

1. the magic of fresh florals will make any recipient smile~ a fresh bloom tied or used as part of the wrapping is always adorable 
2. think about what they love, find humor in, or enjoy... and take the time to make the details match his/her interests 
3. people love to know the story behind a gift... handmade and diy gifts add an intimate touch 
4. spend time on the packaging and add a handmade note 
5. be generous. this doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot of money but pick things that show time, effort and care. 

what do you love to give + receive?

-this post was not sponsored- 


  1. You are so sweet to include me and the shop! xo

    1. of course! i love your shop. i am burning a candle right now. xo

  2. I love giving gifts, too. I especially love homemade gifts. I like to pick up things when I see them and then save them for someone's birthday or holiday. I'm totally saving this post for when I need some inspiration.

    1. isn't it the best? and so sweet of you!! <3 have a wonderful weekend - xo

  3. These are beautiful.

  4. Love the locket idea. Such a neat gift!

    1. isn't i beautiful? it's at the top of my 'wish list' at the moment. so special!! xo

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