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tips for thrifting

let's chat about vintage finds- the dusty gems i love to use to make a home a little more cozy. people are always getting rid of things- so the shelves at a thrift store are always rotating and it can be an inexpensive way to add more personal touches to a space. although it's not for everyone, thrifting makes me giddy. i love to peruse the tight aisles and the clutter brings me a sense of calm rather than a feeling of being overwhelmed. my mom, cousins, aunts and i have a pastime of doing the hunt together- so it's also very nostalgic. my mom and i used to go often in charlotte with (pre-moving) parks (he would be nestled against my chest in the solly baby wrap) and then lately, i love to sneak out on a sunday afternoon with a coffee in hand. however, i think it will be fun once he is a little older to introduce him to the fun + history of 'junk.' 

now that i am on the path to 'chasing slow' + a more minimal lifestyle, i think these little charms can add a sense of simple touch when mixed with more neutral pieces throughout our home. 

my thrift store tips /

+ go on the day the inventory is put out. most stores set a day (usually tuesday) so go on that day!
+ don't go in with a sense of finding something specific ... but you might just find something 'magical' (not always... but you never know) if you don't go in with either mindset, you might leave happier
+ try things on: a lot of places don't have a dressing room, so this means leggings and a fitted tee / tank are probably your best bet for slipping clothes over your head
+ examine all goods before you purchase. my mom does this even with new things she buys and it's such a good idea. examine for chips, nicks, discoloration, etc. 
+ remember you are helping your community through thrifting 
+ bring hand sanitizer
+ avoid major sales... it's usually really crowded (and remember you can always politely haggle. some stores don't allow this but you can always ask in a confident + respectful manner) 
+ enjoy the process 

if you have never been and decide to go now... please let me know on here or on instagram how you like it... i would love to hear!

a few photos from one of my favorite ones in/near charlotte, north carolina
these are from a solo trip i took last december
i especially love to go around the holidays, all of the festive touches give me a certain feeling,
reminding me of simple pleasures 
that little gold tree + two wooden baby hangers came home with me that day
i really loved that brown leather bag + baby boy hat
all of the dinnerware always reminds me of my grandma's farmhouse 
she never had china or anything fancy / pieces worth any money - but her pieces remain my favorite.

remember to wash + sanitize everything you bring home 
thieves (one of my very favorite essential oils) is a great one to use for this process

...again, if you decide to venture to a local thrift store soon, please let me know how it goes...


  1. These are great tips. I love thrifting but I haven't been in a while. Rainy days like today make me want to go to local antique stores and look around with a coffee in hand. I really love antique shops around the holidays, too. I'm always on the hunt for pieces that remind me of my great grandma and childhood.

    1. yes!! especially perfect for a rainy day!! i love the nostalgic feel and they way they make our home feel more cozy and personal - xo