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simply loving

"she has fire in her heart and grace in her soul."

 hello! the weekend is here and i hope your week went well. in honor of my original blog name, 'simply love,' i think i am going to showcase some of my favorite things at the end of the week sometimes: lifestyle + bloggers + inspirations from others. i hope this is a series you enjoy. it might evolve into something else... we will see. i love to share my inspirations with you all and hope you love what i decide to share.

simply loving |

+ song: caroline jones' version of brown-eyed girl 
+ these organizing tips from catherine of a short blonde (she also does weekly links and i love her blog)
+ these shoes for the christmas season (fall is right around the corner... and then you know what.) 
+ this bag for the fall markets
+ this salad looks amazing.
+ and i would do almost anything you want if you made me this french toast 
my baby is now nineteen months old and is always on the move
(and loves bubbles! and stuffed animals. and trucks. and blocks. and milk.) 
yesterday, this was the scene after his nap (he might have a slight case of ocd- just like momma)
i just thought it was so cute though 
this morning it was in the 70's - with no humidity. (after another brutally hot carolina summer)
parks and i took a walk and played outside... and then we went for a drive to run some errands; windows down and prime country + 90's playing ... it felt so good.  
this space is a dream.

loving these two dresses from my new clothing line (opening soon!!)
the cleo dress 
i will keep you all posted on when i plan to officially launch my website
but it should be very soon!!
hope you have a wonderful weekend
...what are you simply loving...


  1. We've been getting some not so humid 70-degree days, too! It makes all the difference when the air here in Philly was like 98% humidity for the entire summer...

    1. it's a new life!! loving it so much and hope it stay that way for you... and my husband is from there :) i loved exploring the city a few years ago in august (but it was over 100 degrees!!) hope you have a great week and thank you for the love. xo

  2. I love that Parks lined up his stuffed animals! Phoenix recently has grown attachment to a specific blanket and stuffed dog -- it's so sweet. Thank you for sharing my post! I also live the stripped dress from your line -- you know how I have a stripped dress obsession!

    1. So sweet and I know!! I love their love for stuffed animals and I have a slight case of OCD so it was pretty funny to walk in and see. And I think you will love my new line (always here but never feel obligated!!) Have a wonderful week - xo