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"warbel for lilac-time" by walt whitman
"for spring-time is here! the summer is here! and what is this in it and from it?
thou, soul, unloosen'd -- the relentless after i know now what;
come, let us lag here no longer, let us be up and away!"
{a master bedroom scene}

welcome to olive june~ the beginning of a new era for this space. this change is something i have been dreaming about for awhile. the afternoon before my birthday this past june my husband and i were relaxing in a high-post, antique bed at a local charlotte inn, enjoying a pizza + a latte, soft acoustic music playing and no technology for a few hours... as he drifted off for an afternoon nap, a lot of new ideas started to overcome me. there is something about summer and a birthday that brings on self-reflection and an eagerness for improvement, awareness, and challenges. i wanted a job change (something that would still allow me to raise parks, work from home, and something that would hopefully give me more time for relationships, for my loved ones). in addition, i also knew that i wanted something new for this blog. my eighth graders brainstormed and came up 'simply love' four and a half years ago when i started this journey, and although i dearly loved it, i wanted something more authentic, something that represents me a little bit more. i hope you all love the new name- i feel like it truly encompasses this time in my life. a special thank you to munch paris studio for helping with this transition. they created my blog design last august and i just can't recommend them enough. they are sweet, trustworthy, and so talented. 
{this dress is from my new line}

behind the name: 

i chose olive because i was looking at the most beautiful rose + olive colored vintage floral painting when i felt like the holy spirit spoke to me on this past birthday eve, regarding taking a few new risks. it's always the most graceful and soothing whisper. later that evening, my husband and i went to a special dinner at the place where our wedding reception was held and i told him all about my current thoughts + dreams... and like always, he was so supportive and open-minded. the man believes in me and i am so grateful for his trust in my constant soul-searching and new ideas. i also chose olive because an olive branch symbolizes peace. this year, more than ever, my relationship with God has led me on a deep path of discovering the value in slowing down and finding your inner peace ... fewer things and more experiences, that thinking about living is not the same as living, and that we do have choices in life. i am learning that "busyness" and "more" will never be enough- so i need to find my ultimate exploration, my purpose. there is something deep within me seeking true meaning. i don't think living a good life means fancy things. it is the quiet mornings, cooking alongside your lover, gathering flowers from your backyard, lighting your favorite candle. i feel like if we aren't careful, these moments will quickly pass us by. lately, i have been more committed to choosing my thoughts and actions carefully. as a result, i have become more dedicated to the idea of living my everyday life with intention. the word 'olive' + the image of an olive tree branch remind me of this concept. 

"the heart of a woman is the best mirror you can find." erin loechner, chasing slow: courage to journey off the beaten path
june is a special word because it represents these things: 
- my sister and i were born four days apart in the month of june and she means so much to me
- i married my sweet husband in june
- as a teacher, june was always a meaningful month - as i said 'goodbye' to countless students, young adults whom i saw grow, change and make an impact on others
- the Holy Spirit has spoken to me (in the most vivid ways) the past two junes 
- i am a hopeless romantic and have always adored the love between johnny and june cash + how their love represents my country roots so well 

and~ 'olive june' was born. 
my sweet boy is nineteen months old today 

i hope you love it as much as i do. your readership means so very much to me and i am so grateful for each and every one of you. i plan to continue to share my life + style + motherhood stories + self-awareness + gatherings + and all of the things i 'simply love' with you all in the years ahead... 

in addition, this week i will begin a new journey as a rep for a fashion blogger in utah. i will be one of three people in charlotte selling my favorite line of clothes. i absolutely can't wait to continue playing adult dress-up as i provide women with classic pieces that are both adorable and comfortable. i have discovered over the past ten months that i love, love curating fashion for my customers and feel like this brand is much more my style and what i am passionate about. 

my new shop will also be called, olive june~ and again, much more soon. you can follow along here (this page will be flipped over this week to my new shop!) 

... here is a small sneak peek!
cute graphic tees 
many floral + striped + solid dresses 
tops for both dressing up and for more casual looks 
lots of fabulous dress choices 
this little mustard top has buttons up the back 
cozy sweaters for fall
hats, outerwear, swim, etc. 
and even shoes!! (really cute ones) 

this month is an exciting one and one that i would dearly appreciate prayers 
thank you all for being here
i am so glad you are a part of olive june


  1. Your sweet little space has always been a place of inspiration to me. It's just this cozy little safe spot full of love and all things happy. I am so excited to see where this next chapter takes you. I have no doubt you're going to do amazing things with it. What a huge honor to be one of three people in Charolette selling this brand!

    I feel like this suits you; the new venture, the name change; everything suits you so well. I am loving the name olive june and your meaning behind it. I've really been on a journey of my own lately with God and olives/olive trees and branches have come to have a really deep meaning to me, too!

    1. just the sweetest. you are always so kind and supportive and this just means SO much to me. this is why i blog + share on here. thank you- from the bottom of my heart!! best wishes on your journey- loving your coffee chats, girl. keep it up!! xo

  2. Dear Sweet Nelle, you are an inspiration. May you always listen to the soft whisper of the Spirit! Love you ❤️

    1. again, thank you. there are no words for how you have always encouraged and inspired me. i love you. xo