life lately | eclipse + routines + photo shoot + new shop | olive june

life lately | eclipse + routines + photo shoot + new shop

"remember, the moment you accept complete responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you claim the power to change everything in your life." - hal elrod, the miracle morning

this morning, my alarm went off at 5:30am for my new miracle morning challenge - please feel free to join along! ... i am not going to lie, getting up that early wasn't easy for me (and i kind of regretted the glasses of wine i had while watching 'bachelor in paradise' with my husband last night) but... i really, really loved it. and i am excited about this lifestyle change. after my hour alone, i had breakfast with my boys, parks and i took a long walk, we went to trader joe's, i cleaned/started laundry, he went down for a nap and i started working for the day. my mind and soul felt more clear and accepting of the day ahead. i think it's working. 

yesterday, we walked across the street with a friend to a new area in charlotte called camp north end for an eclipse viewing party... it was fun, but we wish we would have brought a bottle of cold rose and some fun snacks. there was about 98% coverage here and it was so fascinating to see that just 2% can still light up the sky so well... it was dim all around us but still lit. the whole thing was just fascinating (i loved how everyone came together to watch) and how it is another sign of just how creative God is.
loving this new blush mini backpack from forever 21 (thanks to a three hour wait at the apple store a few weeks ago.. we walked around the mall- i picked up a blister on my heel and this pack!)
(perfect for the minimal things you really need for a baby when you go out and about- you know?)
he wasn't facing the sun but loved the shades!
there is a lot of cool art in our neighborhood and i adored the moon + sun balloon 
this is how a nineteen-month-old watches a solar eclipse
we also did a fun photo shoot with destiny law photography yesterday morning
(a previous student - she is so talented. i am so proud of her)
it was about 100 degrees but we did a few photos outside before venturing to the nursery
my happy, sweet-souled boy 
i don't know how i got so lucky. 
blowing kisses 
she was so patient and good with him! ... a toddler that is usually on the move + he loves to see 'babies' and that baby = him. so funny 
my husband and i packed up my old inventory (about 800 pieces to send back) and started to get ready for my new adventure... you can read more here but i am SO excited!! 
(instagram - feel free to follow for updates) 
a skirt from my new boutique, olive june . shop stevie 
(feel free to join my vip page on facebook for giveaways, dibs, styling tips, + fun!)
sneakers | aldo 
this fall, i plan to do a lot of creating + several new routines 
i hope you will follow along...
what have you been up to lately? 
...did you watch the eclipse...

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