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a plant-based diet | where to start?

"every time you eat is a chance to nourish your body"

hi! as i mentioned last week, my main goals for september are to launch my new business, get parks adjusted to pre-school (he will be going two mornings a week starting september 12), continue my miracle morning challenge (loving.). find a new skincare regimen that is chemical-free and then hopefully begin the transition to a more plant-based diet. ever since i got pregnant with parks, i have not had a desire to eat a lot of meat. i really my body is yearning for a different avenue... i have been wanting to do this for awhile (or at least try it out?) and feel like i at least want to try this lifestyle... mainly for health but environmental factors as well. however, transitioning your entire diet can be a little overwhelming. below are some of my initials finds + ideas for the process. i am hoping to share recipes and my journey with you all on here.

- my pre-plan-

+ making a list of do's and don't ahead of time ... especially a list of the foods i plan to eat and the ones i don't (and if i want to do this just during the week of the weekends too... still deciding / might just see how things go the first month!)
+ read and research experiences prior ~ i am hoping to spend this week coming up with an array of different choices, tips and recipes
+ move into this gently... i want to be kind to my body and gradually make small changes during this initial process- while also making it a commitment to myself. (but not cold turkey, you know? ...  i want to go in and hopefully do it was ease...)
+ try a new fruit + veggie every week and eat leafy-greens everyday
+ research how to do it the best economically (whole foods' new prices have me so excited) 
+ planning to take a B12 supplement
+ enjoy it and have fun in the process 

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do you have any tips?

i plan to share my journey on here and will be pinning on this pinterest board regularly 


  1. I stopped desiring meat as well about two months ago! I'm not pregnant. It just didn't taste right anymore and I felt crappy after eating it. I have had it a handful of times when I didn't have another choice and it tastes so different now! I'm taking a B supplement and a D supplement! It's taking some creativity to make sure I'm getting all the nutrients I need, but I already feel a lot better! I'm excited to follow along with your journey and see what recipes you love :)

    1. this encourages me so much- thank you!! i already have a few to share from this week so stay tuned and i think i will love it but will need to be creative for sure! hope your week is going well!