a niece or a nephew? | olive june

a niece or a nephew?

it's a girl! a precious niece

my sister and her husband welcomed a sweet baby girl on sunday, august 27 at 6:18pm (i was crossing through the west virginia mountains at the time with parks). we arrived in cincinnati at about 10pm and walked in to find out the gender... i saw the bow on the hospital cap and started bawling. (i would have cried either way...) her name is leona rose (after my paternal grandma, whose name was leona) this love is so special... just like becoming a mom. you can't explain it, you have to feel it... you have to experience it. 

big cousin, parks, having brunch with my parents and i monday morning at the sleepy bee cafe. parks was a little restless from the drive and they were awesome!! brought us books, told us about the chalk table, gave us a free cookie that said 'congratulations' ... and yesterday i walked to yoga and everyone i passed was so friendly (along with every person in any shop/store i have been in...) the yoga class was all about 'roots' and i got teary-eyed. (i am such a sap). but every time i visit, the people always stand out. so nice. (and i highly recommend shine yoga studio in hyde park- fantastic!) 
at the baby shower in june, i had these little bunnies on a welcome sign (i plan to share that day very soon... as in, hopefully tomorrow? - or next week- but soon. i am on mom and aunt (yay!) duty but so excited to share that special celebration soon) these are from rose & rex (i love their products, shop and mission)  
auntie nelle loves you so much
their friends, the jamail family from michigan, sent these roses for leona 'rose'
parks was really good at the hospital and really loves her... but got sad when she was upset or crying

all ready to go home |  8.29.17
meeting leona for the first time ... telling her how special mimi is 
today is my mom, our mimi's, 60th birthday
having her two babies together was her only wish... and it came true! 
happy, happy birthday, momma (love you bunches)
i made this sign quickly tuesday morning + picked up some light and dark pink balloons for the front door... no one knew the gender so i wanted them to see something special when they got back home but also wanted the 'hood to know 
how beautiful is she?
waiting on my dad to come down and get us sunday evening... we still didn't know the gender at this point and i don't think i will ever forget the way the moon looked or how the air felt that evening. a little bit after we met her, parks tried to give her his beloved 'mo mo' / dino (i love his heart.) 
her first bath
my sister is doing just amazing. she has been a rockstar!! 
proud grandparents - mimi and papi 
-a nursery scene-
proud dad 
it's been a week to always remember 
again, i can't wait to share the baby shower soon 
and please keep this {new} little family in your prayers 

leona rose, 
may you always have your health and may you get to experience the very best in this one life

with love, 
auntie nelle


  1. Welcome Leona Rose! What a beautiful name! Congrats Auntie!

    1. so sweet!! thank you, love. you are the best supporter (ever). xo

  2. What a sweet post. I love her name, it's beautiful. Sending lots of love to your sister's sweet little family.