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a hospital bag ~ what to really pack

the packing of the hospital bags ... this happened about eighteen months ago- yet a part of me feels like this was just yesterday and another feels like it was a lifetime ago. (i am sure most moms can relate to this!) my younger sister (and one of the namesakes for my new blog re-brand, olive june) is due in exactly two weeks with her first baby. therefore, i thought i would create a post about what i really think you need to bring. these are just my thoughts... i am a big believer in doing what works best for you. i just remember the anxiety, the not knowing what was coming our way and thought this would hopefully help some of you who are struggling with what to bring to the hospital- a list for both momma and baby regarding the items i really think you might need for your stay.  

a note: we were there thursday-monday/a bit longer than normal... so again, you might not feel like you would need the same things? you just never know what the process will be like...
but what i do know? ... it's all worth it.

i wrote this post right before parks was born about what i packed in our bags

my sister was a trooper and posed for me in front of this cute wall in over the rhine- cincinnati
-june 9, 2017-
for momma |

+ a soft robe + pajamas 
+ nursing bras and tanks
+ essential oils (i loved lavender in a cold towel during labor/you can easily take the towel away if the smell bothers you versus using a diffuser) 
+ a camelback water bottle (this was so ideal during labor) 
+ a camera 
+ comfortable clothes for going home (my sister works for lululemon so i can guarantee her bag is packed with their pieces but they are wonderful for postpartum- i also highly recomment blanqi
+ slippers and flip flops 
+ a blanket (note: i am a huge blanket person though- all about #cozy) 
+ snacks (especially for the middle of the night) 
+ your id + insurance information (info/number to call for a breast pump- i had to wait until after delivery to call and needed one on day five) 
+ toiletries: make-up, face wash, coconut oil, lotion, hair ties, hair dryer (of course this varies)
+ most hospitals have great grip socks - i used their socks and they were perfect 
+ for later on, i loved these bamboo nursing pads (not needed for the hospital)  
+ i also brought these treats for the nurses and staff (and they loved them!) 
gia and the blooms | cincinnati 
"sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our heart" - winnie

for baby | 

+ velcro swaddle blankets (esp. if you need a c-section... the velcro is perfect for mom or dad!) 
+ a going home outfit (in my sister's case, one for a baby girl and one for a baby boy- it's a surprise for everyone!! yay!) 
+ pacifiers + a clip (our hospital didn't give out pacifiers because it was extremely nursing friendly but we made the decision to give him one- and i don't regret it) *and i love these clips by ryan and rose and these natursutten pacifiers 
+ my brest friend pillow (i did not have this at the hospital and really wish i would have...) 

*the hospital will probably have everything else the baby needs*
isn't she just so cute? 
you will be the best mom, sis. we can't wait to meet your son or daughter very soon
we love you so much 
-soon-to-be big cousin, parks-
and... before you know it ... you will have a sweet bigger baby, who wants to come join you at 3am, tightly squeezing his two babies so they aren't left alone {i think he knew that his daddy was traveling for work and he just wanted to keep momma safe last night!}

i hope this is helpful
what would you add? ... or any other advice for my sister?

ps: i received so much love about 'olive june' yesterday- it meant the world. truly. 
thank you- from the bottom of my heart.


  1. I think you have it all covered. I haven't got any recent experience or maybe I could add some more ideas, lol

    1. hi! thank you so much and haha- i get it! i appreciate you stopping in!