parks james | eighteen months | olive june

parks james | eighteen months

"this is the secret to finding and keeping friendships: become women who want to see the women around them flourish." - lisa-jo baker :: never unfriended 

on july 15, parks james turned eighteen months old. it just keeps getting better and better and he is growing up so much. we enjoyed a week at the beach last week (and are actually going again this weekend for a birthday celebration- sans baby boy). a weekend with friends will be wonderful and we both feel very grateful for the chances to escape and take in the salty air. parks loved exploring the beach and swimming in the pool and i can't wait to share the memories with you all. i did share some on instagram but have more to share soon. 
doctor's appointment today :: eastover peds (we love, love dr. cross)
he used her stool as a stroller for his baby while we waited (he was so excited his baby was with us!)
i think he has his momma's memory and remembered that this place means bad things: finger pricks and vaccinations. it's rare for this boy to cry and he cried right when we walked into the room... it broke my heart. he charmed the nurses and doctor with his thick comb over and sweet disposition though (and he did a great job!!) i rewarded him after the appointment with a smoothie. 

talking | 

oh my! he is talking up a storm when he is home with me... all day long. when he is with others, parks tends to be much quieter. within the last week, when we ask him to say a word, he almost always makes an attempt and has learned a lot of new family members' names + colors lately. he loves to wave 'hello' and 'bye bye' to everyone he sees and is usually slow to anger. i love hearing his little voice. it's probably one of my favorite things at this age- along with seeing his personality emerge daily.
playing | 

along with his speech, i feel like this month was big for self-play and the beginning of the imagionary play. he loves his toy room/our loft, books, and loves to get down and boogie to music. parks loves to pretend he is on the phone (as he nods his head up and down), loves (loves) his stuffed animals (especially his dinosaur, 'bobo nono', pig, 'patsy cline', and bear, 'johnny cash'). but his baby, noah. noah has his mini daddy's heart lately. he is gentle and loves to pat, kiss, carry and hug him. dogs and babies, in general, are two of his favorites things... he is always pointing them out (even on commercials). other toys he adores~ blocks, musical instruments, cooking in his kitchen, bath time, the broom, stroller rides and the park. 
note: his tongue isn't usually out this much!! but it was making me laugh so hard. 

sleeping | 

parks usually sleeps well during the day and at night. his nap is usually from 11am-2pm and then he enjoys 'quiet time' in his crib around 4:30 or 5pm. parks usually goes to bed around 7:30pm and wakes up around 7am. he isn't the type of toddler that needs a strict schedule though; he honestly just kind of goes with the flow. we are very thankful for this. 
eating | 

if he tries it, he almost always loves it! however, the 'trying' part is sometimes the struggle. parks doesn't really care for meat at the moment... unless it's fried chicken or bacon (the good stuff!) he loves grilled cheese, bananas, peanut butter, muffins, fruit/veggie pouches, smoothies, strawberries, cheese, watermelon, sweet potatoes, milk, grapes, and yogurt most. he loves to sign both 'more' and 'all done' - at the same time! last week he tried three oysters at the beach- and loved them. 
stats | 

weight: 26 lbs 15 oz (83rd percentile) 
height: 32.25 inches (40th percentile) 
head: 97th percentile 

i love being his mom 
every day is so precious and it has been amazing watching him grow and change


  1. Parks is doing so well! I'm loving this stage with Nora. As I'm reading your blog, I'm smiling thinking of her and checking off and agreeing with everything you wrote. I love that they are the same age. Parks is adorable- we miss you guys. Hopefully see you this week ❤️

    1. this made my day, dear friend. thank you. it is a true honor to do motherhood (and life) with you! you have the most genuine heart and spirit - and i am so grateful for you. xo (let's get together soon!!)