a mood board | july edition | olive june

a mood board | july edition

this month i am all about the light and airy. i am loving mustard, greens, stripes, roses, creams, and blush tones. maybe it was our trip to the shore last week but i feel relaxed and rejuvenated. this summer, the days at home with parks have been long and short all at once. we wake and have oatmeal at the table. we spend a lot of time playing with wood blocks, reading, and taking walks together. he smiles at me often, so does his whole body, and i always say, 'i feel so loved by him." his eyes are a golden brown, sometimes a deep hazel. he loves to nuzzle into me as i type or work, grazing his soft hands over my arms. in those moments, i know why i was sent here, why i needed to be sent here, why i needed to find him. 

a mood board | july
a mood board | july by janelle-monaco 

i have been reading erin loechner's chasing slow and feel like it's really talking to me, right at me. it covers so much of my life: decorating, parenting, peace, social media, blogging, marriage, balance, time, purpose, faith.  i have learned so much already and the book is beautiful. one of the biggest lessons in this book has been about 'choice.' i think we sometimes forget that we always have a choice. no matter how tough it gets, it's so important to remember that you always have a choice. what's in your control? do you hold the key to your own cage? she writes, "i think of the small choices we make daily. i think of how we can choose to kintsugi our circumstances, of how we choose to amass or not, of how we choose to speed up or not." ... "never, ever forget that this life offers choices." 

what would your mood board look like during this warm summer month?

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    1. esp. black and white over here- classic and cute!!

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    1. awe, so sweet!! thank you so much and so glad you enjoyed it! hope your summer is going well