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a 'kids memory' journal + tacos

"the snow is only meant, created, commanded to fall. the rain is only meant, created, commanded to pour down. you were only meant, created, commanded to be who you are, weird, wonderful, imperfect, messy and lovely. :: shauna niequist | present over perfect 

last week i was talking to a woman who has three grown kids and she said something to me that was so profound that i wanted to share with you all. we talked about her children and the struggles of raising them- the bullying (my greatest fear- besides health), the hardships, the overcoming, and the achievements. she saw parks and mentioned how much she misses them being little (i am going to have a very hard time with this... i know this.) then she mentioned her biggest regret. she said she wishes that she would not have been caught up in buying the perfect journal or having the perfect prompts to write... she wishes that she would have written a few simple things at the end of every day. 

creating a memory journal:
1. a simple notebook (any journal!) 
2. complete a few lines every day: the date, a few things that your kids did that made you happy, a few things they did/said that were funny
3. i think i am going to add a few things that i am grateful for 
4. i plan to keep this in the nightstand next to our bed 

i am so grateful for our conversation 
anyone want to join me?

speaking of joining... anyone else love tacos?
'let's taco bout it' {romper: amazon}
charlotte locals: you can get it at kid to kid huntersville (new) for $8.99

our top five taco places in charlotte, north carolina

+ babalou | dilworth. we have been here three times in two weeks! tuesdays are $2 tacos and i love the champarita and their guacamole is incredible. plus, the vibe is awesome!! vintage 'i love lucy' clips on the screen, a great patio, and bright + airy 
+ bakersfield | dilworth :: old country music, great margs, and the garage doors open up when it's nice
maverick rock taco | montford :: love their street corn and unique options
+ ru ru's taco + tequila | myer's park :: we love their back patio!! 
+ cabo fish taco | noda :: i love their mahi mahi and grilled shrimp tacos + jalapeno mashed potatoes 
please stay little forever. 
-and know that your momma will love you every step of the way-
we met up with some of my girlfriends at babalou (on a tuesday!) and then headed over to a nearby park to play- parks love to be outside. 

have a fantastic weekend
please let me know if you start a journal + enjoy some yummy tacos 

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