june goals | olive june

june goals

june is here! the month of a book in the park, travels, a nice glass of rose, and the first watermelon. 

daily goals | 

+ take a walk with parks
+ give thanks + chat with God 
+ a focused morning routine - do you do this? what do you love to do? 
+ drink more water
+ make a to-list before the next morning
+ work on being present (over perfect) 
+ clean eating 
+ whiten my teeth + wash my face every morning and evening 
+ play + read with parks throughout the day (creating activities while also promoting self-play) 
+ practice joy! 

weekly goals |

+ fast from social media on sundays (as much as possible!) it is hard with blogging + a business 
+ attend church every week (still so in love with watershed in charlotte) 
+ intentional quality time with my husband
+ create a realistic work + play list
+ love on someone
+ continue to share and have fun in this little space 
+ yoga + mediation 
+ see my girls (seeing my best friend saturday!) any other mommas skip out of the house? 
+ gym at least three times a week (four if i can swing it) 
+ read (at least) two books 
+ more tea and a little less coffee 
+ experiment with essential oils
+ turn another year older!
+ self-reflection and striving for the best version of myself- always. 

main goals for this summer: work on becoming a healthier mom, purge and organize our entire house and most importantly, make memories with my little family 
what are your goals for this month? 
-i will have to let you all know how i do-
also, any fun adventures planned? 
parks and i are traveling back to my hometown and cincinnati next week for my sister's baby shower + some beach trips. 

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  1. Your blog is one of the sweetest, most inspiring places. It feels like a warm , comfortable home. You remind me so much of my favorite Bible verse "Kind words are like honey, Sweet to the soul." Proverbs 16:24.

    It's been on my heart lately to find a more focused morning routine but I have no idea where to start. It's one of my goals; to figure it out because the mornings set the whole tone for the day.

    1. this is probably my sweetest, most favorite comment ever. thank you. i think i will always remember this one and hope you are able to get some good summer mornings going... xo

  2. I love your goals and I feel so inspired reading them! I am working on making my goals for this month and I definitely want to eat clean and make a better morning routine.

    1. thank you so much!! i am so glad :) i appreciate you reading and leaving some love. wishing you a wonderful month ahead (i feel so great with clean eating... but then i also want to order pizza sometimes - like right now #notgoingtodoit) haha - xo

  3. I love your June goals. My parents are visiting this coming weekend and I want to organize my "donation" closet with my mom.

    1. awe, thank you so much!! and good luck with that... it's never the most thing in the world but always feel so good! hope it goes well and i appreciate the love