gia & the blooms | cincinnati, ohio | olive june

gia & the blooms | cincinnati, ohio

-my favorites of all the blooms- 

my sister recommended using gia & the blooms for her baby shower- and i am glad i agreed. it was the most charming experience... so i thought i would share with you all. the owner, yulia, has a background in design and loves to apply her knowledge and love for contemprary and clean aesthics to creating floral arrangements. everything is elegant yet has a 'fresh from the garden' feel. many flowers are grown locally but they also support u.s farmers. in addition, they deliver (for free) to the cincinnati metro area and offer a few styles to avoid visual overload. the shop is in otr or the 'over the rhine' area in downtown and i can't recommend poppin' in enough!! i would totally be a regular but plan to visit when i am in town. 
all of the details were so adorable! the space was quaint, cozy and yet felt spacious (in its own way!) 
i bought my sister's shower card and wrapping paper here as well 
but the girl working was just the nicest - we had the best service! 
one of the things i love most though~ they offer classes throughout the year. here is more info!
i know my sister did the eucalyptus wreath last christmas (i actually posted a pic on insta right before the holidays when i was visiting because i loved it so) for $55 you walk out with a beautiful and festive wreath! (and have fun with friends in the process)

media | 
so many great candles were also available 
i picked up the pink paper (but they were all just amazing)
this is the solly baby wrap - a favorite baby item. she picked the new color, fern 
small burlap bouquets are $35 - medium are $55 - large are $75
on thursday evening, when i got into cincinnati, i went to a few shops by myself, walked around the oakley neighborhood, and then sat at a place called rooted juicery + kitchen. i had a power bowl and i am telling you... this right here = my dream food.  it was nice to enjoy some time alone. 
isn't gia & the blooms just so cute.
way better than your average flower shop
so cute that i felt like i needed to share with you all
hope you enjoyed

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  1. Gia + Blooms looks so charming and quaint. I would have a hard time staying out of there. I love that she offers a few different selections so that it's not overwhelming. That wrapping paper is seriously too pretty.

    1. I know!! Isn't it just so cute and charming? I fell in love <3 plus, they were so nice that I just had to share!! Loved. xo

  2. I love that they deliver for free! We visited the farmer's market a few years ago. OTR really has become quite the cool spot!

    1. i know!! they forgot to put the eucalyptus with our order and rushed it over right before the shower! it's so cute there!! we went to the best dinner there on friday and there's a new treehouse brewery i guess- where you swing as you sip!! thanks, love. xo

  3. How lovely! It seems like such a sweet shop. Everything looks so beautiful.