currently | june edition | olive june

currently | june edition

remember- "God always keeps his promises" (always)
shipping a few packages before leaving charlotte yesterday
-fresh flowers form a local farmer's market-

planning | my sister's baby shower (well almost done with the planning and ready to celebrate that sweet thing- the shower is this saturday in cincinnati). parks and i drove to my hometown in ohio yesterday (he never cried once- for nine hours!) i am so proud of my travel buddy. this is such a special time, as my only sister (and bff) gets ready to welcome her first baby soon. the gender is a surprise and she is due at the end of august. i love this precious babe (so much) and can't wait to celebrate with loved ones. most of you know this... but i love planning small gatherings and so this has been so, so much fun. my mom and sister have also helped (we all come together for these types of things- esp. both of our weddings- and i love the bonding memories made) tomorrow i am heading to cincinnati to spend time with her (and run errands for the event) and then my parents will be bringing baby boy on friday afternoon. i will be sharing the details on instagram this weekend and then eventually on here. again, i really have enjoyed doing this and can't wait to shower my sister and my niece or nephew! 

wishing | the temperature in charlotte was just a bit cooler during the summer months. it has been in the low 90's and pretty humid there already... on the other hand, i am currently sitting at my parent's house-in rural ohio- the windows are open (it's 59 degrees- way more my style) ... i can hear the pond/waterfall outside, the trees swaying, the birds, i have a blanket on my lap, a blue jean capri candle lit (i highly recommend), emiliana torrini radio playing, diffuser (oil: orange) is on, and parks is sleeping soundly. i am slightly chilly- just the way i like it.  

learning | to prioritize each day, to say 'no' more often, and to let things go (all things that are hard for me to do... i am a 'true cancer' and have a very sensitive heart) “the world will tell you how to live, if you let it. don’t let it. take up your space. raise your voice. sing your song. this is your chance to make or remake a life that thrills you.” - shauna niequist, present over perfect: leaving behind frantic for a simpler, more soulful way of living. i also love this article: what if all i want is a mediocre life?

browsing | headboard options for our master bedroom... i love a cozy + feminine upholstered bed (colors: gray and blush are leading the way) but also really adore the look of restored wood (brown or gray) in a bedroom. any that you really love? 

going | on more dates/nights out with my girlfriends. last saturday, i met up with some of my very favorites in plaza midwood (a cute area of charlotte) and we enjoyed conversations, dinner, cocktails, and lots of laughs. i came home with the biggest smile on my face. 
we spent last sunday together as a family 
we went to church, brunch, and then had a cleaning party while parks napped
{my college roomies and i always did this and i have so many great memories... laughs + music}
when parks woke up, we enjoyed his pool, bubbles, and a new set of wheels 
(he was so happy!) 
i found this photo on my phone last night... my lula room before it became a shop!
last night: celebrating the end of a long, but successful road trip with momma 
it actually wasn't bad at all

...what about you...
what are you currently loving?

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  1. I love having girl's nights out! That's great you've been making time for that.


    1. yes!! i just love a night of laughs and stories with friends!! thank you for stopping in. xo

  2. Hey! I'm a Cincinnati girl, too! Hi!! :) I'm glad you all had a decent road trip. We just survived a brutal 11(ish) hour one with our little guy- whew!

    1. yay! i love it there- so much. the PEOPLE. i notice the friendliness without minutes of arriving. makes me so happy. parks has def. had his fussy car trips but lately- no crying. so fortunate! and yesterday was about ten hours total. <3

  3. You posts are always so inspiring and sweet. I adore your pictures and Parks always makes me smile. I love your Lula room, so simple and gorgeous. It's kind of how I envision my home office. Everything in your posts it always so swoon worthy.

    1. thank you so much again- you are amazing and your comments truly make my week!! xo