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and i thought i loved you then

june 29, 2013 
four years ago~ a gorgeous summer day in uptown charlotte, i married the most genuine, kindest person i have ever known. i know God brought him into my life and i know he's my true love. now we are mom and dad to the sweetest baby boy, continuing to enjoy our city, travel, and take in the simple moments in life. we dream, we try our best to overcome the difficult days, we challenge, we laugh, we cuddle, we pray, and we try to be the best parents we can for parks james.

here are just a few of my favorite memories from our wedding day: 
-my bouquet- 
the rosary was a gift from my maternal grandma and the colored brooch was my paternal grandma's (she passed away when i was a young girl) yesterday would have been her 103rd birthday. i could feel her love that day and i know she was with us
i surprised my new husband with a cannoli bar to honor his italian heritage 
the charlotte city club (especially the director, nathan hoffman) made it a day to remember- always.
now you're my whole life
now you're my whole world 
i just can't believe 
the way i feel about your girl 
we'll look back someday 
at this moment that we're in 
and i'll look at you and say 
and i thought i loved you then 
and i thought i loved you then 
{then by brad paisley}
j + t 
every day- i can feel how much my husband loves me. for this, my heart feels so full. 
what's even better? i know that our son feels the same love. 
my sister stood closest to my side all day 
from my bridal portraits - i loved my dress!! it was originally a one strap dress, turned high lace
the girls wore cream and gold + pink and coral peonies
my girls 

so many loved ones + so many travelers 
(a couple came from italy + lots of small-town, ohio + the northeast) 
the men wore succulent boutonnieres + tied with gold wire  
such a happy day!! 
our programs were created on etsy and i loved them! 
the pages had a faint rose print on them (a dusty/soft pink design)
my dad's brother, my uncle john, married us - it was beautiful (love him so much!) 
my big brother, bassey (my sister's husband) ... 
he could use some prayers this week. please do so if you can and thank you in advance. <3 
my sweet cousin, ansley - our beautiful flower girl
tim and i did a write-up about each person in our wedding party ~ still beyond blessed to have this forever- ohio to carolina- friend in my life 
thank you for being my best friend, tim. 
the years with you just keep getting better and better and better and ... 

i love you. 
happy four years! 

(she is the best!! now residing in the washington d.c area)


  1. Awww!! Happy anniversary!! You two are the sweetest couple and I love all the elegant details to your wedding!

    1. you are SO sweet!! thank you so much! it was a wonderful day and we are grateful for it. xo

  2. Wow, what a stunning wedding! I especially love the colors you chose for your flowers and the bridesmaids dresses- so beautiful. And that photo of your dress with all of the buttons...I am in love with your dress!

    1. so sweet!! means so much- thank you! i loved my dress <3 so nice of you!! hope you're well and thank you for stopping in! have a great friday