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a grateful heart

"if you want to change the world- go home and love your family." - mother teresa

parks and i got back to charlotte early last evening after a trip back to my home state of ohio. we spent time both in my hometown and in cincinnati. both were fun in their own way and lots of great memories were created in both places. seeing my sister so thankful (and happy) at her shower made the months of planning all worth it. her friends were so appreciative of my vision and my sister mentioned all of my hard work over and over (not necessary at all) yet very nice. she was glowing- she was radiant. the weekend was simply 'one to remember' and i just hope that everyone enjoyed. (i love her friends!!) i plan to share all of the details soon (i have already posted a few on my insta feed) and above is a shot from the photo booth i created, which was a good time/lots of laughs... much more coming soon! 

a grateful heart | 

this past weekend we celebrated and we loved. everything felt so new and so old, more beautiful once i closed my eyes and thought about it. lately, i feel most grateful in all that is seemingly simple. 
there was so much love for my sister, my brother-in-law (aka my big brother) and their sweet baby. everyone was so friendly- and very appreciative. this time has become very special... as my baby grows older each day and my sister gets ready for one of the very greatest joys of life. i would love to hold it like i do all of the things i love. like it were a bubble or butterfly or a rose on the brink or an aurora. it's gentle, purposeful- no movement too quick, no reason too slow. i love to watch parks play in the grass at my parent's house as he runs- he runs as hard as he can; giggling and exploring until his forehead gets dewey and his cheeks fiery. all of this, this time of being- it is what i call, the greatest expectation of my life. i can't wait for my sister to experience this soon and i know that just like the last trimester before parks james arrived, there is a thunder in her heart until he or she arrives. 
floral arrangements | gia and the blooms
the cutest flower shop ever. i can't wait to share more about this place soon (all the heart eyes)
like i mentioned, seeing my sister so happy, celebrating with her friends, was the greatest part
my sweet-souled, travel buddy - he was just so good. and for that, i am especially thankful. 

again, i can't wait to share the details of the shower soon
-a weekend to remember- 


  1. You described your weekend so well. I feel like I was there. :-)

  2. How beautiful! I bet the shower was so fun. Your sister was absolutely glowing and Parks is such a cute, smiley little man. Sounds like the perfect weekend!

    1. awe- you are the sweetest. it was so wonderful and thank you for the kind words- always. hope you're well!! xo