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simply loving

-a dream-
just add white or gray cabinets!

warm weather is approaching (or it's here in the carolinas. it's been in the nineties this week!) and lately i have set my sights on all things easy breezy- from both home and closet. i am loving soft linens and am lusting over simple slides. parks and i did a fun photo shoot yesterday with destiny law photography ... i taught her language arts (back in the day!) and now she is in college. what a talented and sweet soul. on a not fun note... today, i experienced excruciating back and neck pain and so i slowed down and watched parks nap. he may have been born an old soul ... but his heart is so tender. tomorrow we are traveling back to my hometown for a family wedding and i am praying the pain simmers. we are traveling solo (papa bear has to work) and although parks' demeanor is usually good -he is a toddler!- so i am slightly worried. please send some prayers our way. mainly due to the amount of pain i am in. thank you so much. xo
may is getting away from me and i haven't posted as much as i had planned
but lots of fun things on the way! trying to be patient with my time and dreams; knowing everything will play out under God's terms. but that won't stop me from dreaming.
these floors, the colors, the light, the rug, the art

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i am not even the biggest blue fan in the world but i love this!! 
i think that letter board is beautiful, too
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again, i adore everything. esp. the chairs, greens, the scandi white bar, and art!
i would love for our next home to be old... with white walls, light floors, tons of plants and organic touches (oh, and books everywhere.)
this color + style
-mustard mules-

...what about you... 

what are you 'simply loving?' 

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  1. It's been 90s here in Philly, PA too!! Soooo sticky and hot. That strawberry sheetcake looks incredible!