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our trip to the carolina shore

"sometimes doing the most important thing eternally, doesn't look like you're doing anything noticeably."

sharing some photos from our trip to the carolina shore over the weekend. it was so nice to take in the ocean breeze, read, enjoy some delicious seafood dinners ... and escape the city. i read a book (more on that choice soon) and indulged in the nineteenth edition of darling magazine (i can't get enough) while parks napped. he is quite the napper but did love exploring the beach and although the pool was frigid, he did love a short swim. he loves water. i feel like this trip was just what we needed; to re-charge our batteries and prepare for the summer months.
the weekend was full of cocktails, treats, watching joy through parks' eyes, and relaxation. tim and i also enjoyed a 'parent's hour out' at a next door beach bar- rum + live music. the thing about parenthood is that you appreciate these moments so much more. we are thankful for family members who help out with baby boy and go on adventures with us.
he loved ringing the bell and driving the boat
parks' romper: cat & jack for target
also, walking on the sand in april was difficult for him so we brought a pair of basic crocs along and it helped so much! 
enjoying an ice cream treat with dad
ah, take me back!!! 
a carousel ride with his pop pop + nana - so sweet. 
sunday i took on a walk alone on the beach (similar to meditating) and one of my favorite things to do

i love my boys - so much. 
my top and skirt | ann taylor loft (i also LOVE this one)
my shoes | nordstrom
i was in heaven ... i love the rare moments when he lounges on me
nothing like a baby boy in a hawaiian shirt 
(now you now why i mentioned this on my lately, a grateful heart

we are so grateful for the chance to escape for the weekend and love living near the beach (and mountains) of the carolinas. what did you do for memorial day?

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