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mother's day snapshots

spring, you are my most recent love affair (my boys being at the top of my list) with your pretty dresses and new flowers (everywhere you look) the pastels, the picnics, the lambs. for a long time, i considered autumn and winter to be my favorites. i love the months of october-december... from pumpkin pies to cozy, sparkling holiday evenings. but with each passing year, i find myself more and more fond of springtime. 
celebrating mother's day has also been a highlight
i think i love it even more than my birthday now
i can feel the love for all of the other moms around me

plus, my husband. well, he is just the sweetest
and he loves me- so much. 
he wanted to make it so special 
he brought up coffee in the morning while i got ready 
and took care of the baby all day. 
he made it a point to want and treat me to a day. 
it was so touching. 

here is a look into our day
our new church is the cutest.
my heart was bursting with joy the whole time... like i had tears in my eyes i was so happy.
the passion for God is so beautiful there. 
after church, we went to 7th street market in uptown charlotte
'i am all done!' we love, love this stroller from evenflo - the sibby
more about this stroller + self-care tips for moms here
it has been perfect for our family and i always receive compliments when we are out and about
we picked up some acai bowls from rico's and headed across the street to a new park 
we enjoyed the bowls (baby boy is obsessed with them) you may have seen the videos on instagram
but then he ventured over to the water splash pads and he had a blast (with his clothes on!)
he was so ecstatic running around; he was in his haven.

my dress | is from my shop and is an amelia floral dress
the weather might have been the nicest of the whole year
being his mom is my very favorite part of this one life

my first mother's day - you can check that day out here
we explored greenville, south carolina (one of my favorite places!) 
look at my baby in his red high top chucks 
"i think if you listen closely in the sweet glads of spring, with the song of the brook, the breeze, and the birds, you can hear the flowers sing." - helen isabel moorhouse

 what about you?
hope your day was wonderful 
what did you do?
i thought of so many of you
especially those of you who are in pain, those who long to be a mother, and those who cherish past memories. i thought of you all throughout the day. 

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