currently | may edition | olive june

currently | may edition

baking | honestly, the only thing that has been in our oven all week has been bacon! we made blt's the other night... how good is baked bacon? i have my eye on these recipes for may though | lemon lavender cupcakes . s'mores cups . funfetti shortbread bites . churro creme brulee bars 

listening (to) | last night at bookclub there was some chat about how beloved podcasts have become... these are on my list: s-town, up and vanished, and grace not perfection. are there any you recommend? 

loving | blush + light pink accents in bathrooms. i swoon every time i see an inspiration. what do you think? 

planting |  during a trip to target a few weeks ago, i fell in love with the cutest herb garden planter! we live near the city and don't have much of a yard, but would love to plant a small herb garden. however, flowers are usually my go-to! excited to visit a greenhouse soon... i will be sure to share our experience on instagram. here is a similar from target | herb garden

remembering | all of the things from the book i have recently fallen in love with... "to stop. rest. play. create. connect. cultivate silence. and in the silence, discover the voice of Love; the voice i have been aching to hear." - present over perfect by shauna niequest. lately, i have been asking for help more and have been spending time with friends more ... the ones who i know will always love me, the ones who mean so much to me. i went to dinner and drinks with my friend, joel last week and got a mani & pedi + wine with my friend, kate. taking time to re-connect has been good for my heart- and my soul. 
what about you
... what are you currently loving... 

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  1. I love cooking bacon in the oven. And all those desserts look so good! I love listening to my podcasts! I will be planting an herb garden too and some flowers around the outside of the house! Thanks for linking up!

    1. thank you so much and thank you for hosting! I always love this link-up!

  2. Yes, we did bacon in the oven for BLTs the other night too. Only downside is that I like to wash my hair every other day, but ooooh that scent sticks with you. And I haven't read Present Over Perfect yet but have heard so many good things that I really should pick it up soon! Thanks for linking up :)

    1. haha so true! thank you for hosting 'currently!' i always love it so much!! and it's so good - so far! i need to finish it soon. xo