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acai bowl tips + favorite recipes

hello! thank you all so much for the kind notes about parks' birthday party. it was a joyous day and lots of fun. lately, i am all about acai bowls (both at home and around the city!) honestly, i could eat salads, smoothies and fruit all the time and for every meal. 
here are some tips for creating an acai bowl... have you tried? 

first step: 
combine and blend one packet of acai (available at any local grocery store), almond milk and a banana 

next step | create: 
be creative and layer toppings over the blend you just mixed - super easy! 

i recommend: berries, coconut flakes, flax seed, mangos, bananas, hemp seeds, granola, oats, honey (local if you have allergies!), mangos, hazelnut spread, and almond butter. 
recipes i love: 

let me know if you try one and please tag me (@nellemonaco) if you do! 


  1. I love acai bowls. I recently purchased the frozen packets from Trader Joe's but I'm still working on the consistency. The one I made was too runny.

    1. Hey! So... just like the irony of the fresh flowers from Trader Joe's, I am currently eating an acai bowl as I comment back :) I am still working on this too- let me know if you find the secret!!

  2. Replies
    1. same!! i can't get enough and would eat one every day if i could ... which is why i am experimenting at home! it's $11 for a small here in charlotte... do you make your own? thank you for the love