a mood board | may edition | olive june

a mood board | may edition

another month has almost past and it has been quite hectic, full of travels and time with family. i am now trying my best to slow down and find some tools to help get me through the summer as a more mindful person. i am hoping to build on my efforts so far this year by tuning into my body through the power of slow eating, meditation, breaks from technology, and most importantly, showing gratitude. 
mood board | may edition

mood board | may edition by janelle-monaco 
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i know that slowing down and staying present has big rewards. however, it isn't always an easy journey; it takes a lot work in the beginning. i am hoping to share more soon, but lately i am working most on is this: when i find that my mind is wandering, i notice the thoughts and i then let them go. 

i am also working on being more intent through exercises 
initially asking myself, 'what does the world want from me?"

i have been setting aside a few minutes to meditate, to settle down, breath deeply- inhaling and exhaling. i try not to control my breath, i try not to control anything. asking these questions | "who am i?" (pause) what do i want? (pause and repeat the question) and then 'how can i serve?' (pause and repeat the question). i usually take another breath and then ask, 'what does the universe want from me?" sometimes the answers aren't clear and sometimes they are very vivid. 
this next month, i am really going to focus on what i put in my body + clean eating and making our home less toxic regarding chemicals. any advice with either of these? 

what about you?
... how do you create a more mindful state of mind + focus on being intent... 



  1. Beautiful post. You are always so inspiring. I definitely need to focus on living in the moment more. I'm a busy person; always thinking about what I need to do next and trying to do it all at once. I needed this sweet reminder to slow down and be more intentional.

    1. thank you so much! from the bottom of my heart- so sweet. and i am busy too... just trying to live with more connections and meaning! you got this (i am obviously a work in progress!) wishing you a wonderful day and weekend!! xo

  2. This post is so beautiful! I just started making time for meditation again too...this month I really want to focus on this and being more mindful as well as less alcohol, getting back to my exercise routine...(was on vacation and go back to first spin class returning tonight, wahhh!) and just being. Good luck dear...great goals!

    1. awe, you made my day!! thank you- from the bottom of my heart. and yes, to all of this!! i am watching what i eat/drink and am working out more - i feel so good this week!! good luck to you as well. thank you for the kind words. xo