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a grateful heart

“the thankful heart and a praying mind
are the revealer of the secrets of beauty.” 
― toba beta

we got back from the beach this afternoon and my heart feels grateful for the opportunity to spend the weekend there. the serenity, the laid-back feel, and time together was just what i needed; this trip came at the best time. it also felt so incredible to be back in our home... you know that feeling when you walk into your house after being away. parks and i have only slept here twice in the last few weeks so i can't wait to crawl into bed. (i love our bed.) one of the things i have been trying to do lately is not use my phone in bed, but instead, write down a few things that i am grateful for; a way to say 'good night' to my entire day, my thoughts, my feelings, my goals, etc. do you do this? sharing mine today with you all...
a grateful heart | 

+ iced lemonade on the beach 
+ a baby that travels - like a dream
+ instagram (it brings me a lot of joy!) 
+ white petals
+ a cup of coffee on a beach balcony
+ fresh berries
+ light gray nail polish 
+ my boy is smiling so hard lately that his nose crunches up 
+ a supportive #girltribe and a business that has been a blessing for our family 
+ a baby in a hawaiian shirt 
+ eucalyptus and hibiscus plants
+ praying before every meal as a family
+ seafood, especially salmon 
+ i took a walk alone yesterday on the beach and it was almost bare and i just took everything in. 
+ so many inspirational books lately + darling magazine (it's my favorite ever) 
-ice cream from dada + a carousel ride-

also, catherine of a short blonde shared another one of my posts (here) and wrote the sweetest note... thank you so much. it means the world to me~ i have found that my fellow bloggers have been so supportive of this motherhood journey. (and for this, i am very grateful.) 
-our all american boy-
we are so thankful to all who have served and have given us our freedom
parks' outfit | denim romper: cat and jack & shoes: crocs (pepper red is on sale!) 

what is your heart grateful for at the moment?
how was your weekend?
... hope it went well...
and wishing you a wonderful week ahead

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