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weekend moments

reminding myself that spring showers will bring may flowers... but i secretly loved a cozy rainy sunday at home with my boys. we ventured out in the morning and then spent the day here in our home. this weekend we went to a birthday party... a new church (loved) ... trader joe's instead of the market (due to the rain) 

here are a few scenes |
it felt so good to sit down and read saturday afternoon while parks slept 
my dress | a floral amelia in my shop
i am reading | darling magazine and this book
after church we went to trader joe's as a family and picked up (only) healthy food for the week 
the temptation is real real there! but i love shopping at trader joe's... esp. the friendly people!! 

momma selfie | loving the results from these vII code eye pads
baby selfie! 
"sometimes what we think may break us is but a brake to save us. sometimes what we feel weighing us down is the way He draws us closer. sometimes what we believe is keeping us from more is a way to keep us close enough to know more of who we are: beloved."
we have been praying about our faith and spiritual journey a lot lately. i really want more. and my husband agrees. we are both proud of our catholic faith and love so, so much about it... however, i also feel strongly about living the most fulfilling life possible and my heart has been yearning for more - for awhile now. i want community. i want passion. i want to take away pieces to make my life, relationships and love for God stronger. all the time- every single week. so i have been praying for a long time for the Lord to lead us to the right place, a place to worship and call 'home'.  we have been researching, asking, and attending different churches... yesterday we went to a church in plaza midwood (one of our favorite areas in our city) called watershed. i went in open-minded but yet naturally, kept thinking of things that i would want to change in my mind... and there honestly were not any. the childcare area (incredible- wow!) the music was so beautiful, the pastor was so genuine, relative, and compassionate. but the people. the people were above and beyond friendly. both men and women. tim has plans to attend a weekly 'men's group' where they talk about their week, listen to a podcast, and have a few beers together. i think i speak for both of us when i say that we left both inspired and with a full heart. i think we might have found a new home. these are the things we want to raise our children around. (we are not leaving our faith and are going to take it all in stride- probably attending both for awhile and simply praying...) one of the men yesterday after church said it best, 'watershed is a melting pot of loving people who meet and share their love for Jesus- which is what the gospel is all about, right.' honestly i can't wait to go back!! and that feels so good. 

i believe that in life we can change things as we go... if you don't like something in your life, remember you can change it. it's not too late. we both love God so much and just want to surround our daily life with his grace. 

be kind to yourself but make yourself as proud as possible
my little helper taking a break 
parks had his fifteen month check-up last month and he is doing so well! almost 25 pounds and a head that is in the 97th percentile. she is happy with his development and i am so proud of him. 

if you are in charlotte and would like her info, please let me know. we are so, so in love with our pediatrician and would love to share. 
saturday we went to a third birthday party, a friend from home that also lives in north carolina. you may remember van's first birthday party, a 'time flies' theme, which i helped plan. and now he's three. time does fly. they had cute hats, badges, fire hydrant sippy cups and then we all went and toured a local fire station. the firemen made it so special for the kids. 

happy birthday, van the man. you are adorable and we love you.
my little fire chief 
hi and bye! 
have a wonderful week 
lots of exciting things coming soon to this space
i really appreciate you all being here 

... how was your weekend... 


  1. I always love your pictures. I'm so glad you found a church that you felt comfortable at and I hope that you end up loving it even more!

    1. awe, you made my day!! and thank you so much ... i am -over the moon- excited. have a wonderful week and do you have a blog? if not, no worries but would love to follow you. you are so sweet.

  2. Yay for finding a new church to potentially call home! (And what a great name, Watershed?! I love it!!) I'm kinda in the same boat, that I want more when it comes to my relationship with God. I have a feeling that for me this means spending more time with him reading my Bible and actually praying as opposed to getting side-tracked...

    1. Thank you so much! So sweet of you and I love the name, too. We went back this morning (I was so excited to go back) and it was just as wonderful. Wishing you the best for your journey!! <3 Praying for you!! xo

  3. I'm so glad you had a good church visit -- those can be really frustrating. And yay for Trader Joe's shopping trips -- I should have bought flowers when I was there earlier in the week.

    1. It was so wonderful! Thank you so much! Also, I had been meaning to tell you that I received this message RIGHT as we were getting out of the car Tuesday evening... after going back to Trader Joe's for wine + beer + fresh flowers for a gathering!! It was SO ironic! I hope you are all well!! xo