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currently {april edition}

'every accomplishment starts with a decision' 

accomplishing | we found a weekday school for parks to attend next fall- which has been on my 'list of things to do' for awhile now... so that is exciting. picturing my baby boy with a little backpack is just too much. i am excited for him to attend a recommended school in uptown charlotte; one that includes a lot of diversity, focuses on character traits, and is faith based. (we are also interested in montessori down the road...) but these were all of the things that were important to us right now. yay 

feeling | i just started reading the book, 'present over perfect' by shauna niequist and it's sparked a lot of thoughts, goals, and intense realizations. i plan to share more soon, but it's what i have been thinking about most... living a life i am proud of, one with deep connections; a soulful life. so i am re-evaluating my expectations and my frantic lifestyle (because like her, i often feel exhausted.) for a (hopefully) more Godly and personal one (a more peaceful one). she is taking me through her journey from 'noise to silence'... and i am intrigued. i hope to share my thoughts at the end and my next steps in my journey of 'balancing and inviting calmness' this year as well. have you read this book? if so, what were your thoughts? 

needing | more hours in the day. anyone else? the days are full and are extremely busy... but i am trying to fill them with the things that really matter (see my above and next answer.)

practicing | something that my dear friend, anna, has encouraged me to do for many moons... i am practicing when to say, 'no.' i am starting to listen to my body more and am trying to say 'no' to things more often... because i have learned (the hard way) that when you say 'yes' to too many things, you start to say 'no' to the things that really matter in life. i am not going to lie, this is very hard for me. however, i know that it is what i need most... because i am yearning for a more authentic and meaningful lifestyle. "I gave myself away indiscriminately. Be careful how much of yourself you give away, even with the best of intentions. There are things you cannot get back, things that God has not asked you to sacrifice." | 'present over perfect' by shauna niequist

pinning | lots of cozy home spaces... full of plants and natural elements. i am also loving the colors of spring... in fashion, florals, and spaces. i adore pinterest ... are we friends? here is my profile... would love to follow you as well. #girltribe

...what about you...
what are you currently accomplishing, feeling, needing, practicing, and pinning?
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'holding on... and letting go' 
enjoying a walk this morning with my momma... and his mimi
 after brunch at zada jane's (one of my favorite spots in town) 
our waitress was SO sweet... and parks' pancakes came out in the shape of a bear
perfect for our 'boo bear' 
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  1. Yay for finding a school you're excited about for your little one. It was a nagging thing on my to do list forever, but now we are signed up for 5-day-a-week preschool in the fall too, and I'm excited for how much he's going to love it (even if I am kind of dreading the change in routine...).

  2. I'm with you on saying no. It's hard for me to disappoint people or let them down, but ultimately, you have to do what works best for you, your family, and your life. I used to be such a people pleaser but with practice I've gotten a lot better at saying no when I have to.

  3. It's good to know when to say "yes" and when to say "no." You can't do it all! The book you are reading sounds great - I've heard good things. :) Yay for finding a school for your son!! It's so cute when little ones start going to school. I love seeing my eldest niece and nephew's school photos!


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