a toddler activity | coloring eggs | olive june

a toddler activity | coloring eggs

today was an exceptionally busy day- as i worked to get orders filled/off to the post office and began to get ready for our trip to the beach tomorrow... and you know how i was going to start saying 'no' to things more often... well i am glad that i went with my gut and squeezed in this activity (despite not really having the 'time' for it.) i am fairly certain it is a memory that i will always cherish. it was very easy, so fun, and very cheap- so i thought i would share with you all. 
 what you need: 
+ eggs
+ a foil pan
+ gel food coloring
+ vinegar
+ cool whip 
i picked up the bunny plates at pier one last year. i remember how excited i was to get out of the house last spring to go walk around pier one for an hour or so.  i remember how alive i felt getting away from the pumping/routine of my life at that moment. i cherish those days so much though. 
the process:
so simple. boil the eggs and then soak them in vinegar for about ten minutes so that the food coloring will stick. mix the food coloring in the cool whip. place the eggs in the pan and let them go at it. 

(once he was done, i sprinkled some food coloring over the eggs and then went and gave him a -much need bath- then i came back and rinsed off the eggs) 

the bathtub (or outside) are also great places to do this activity. parks (surprisingly) didn't try to throw the eggs... throwing balls is one of his favorite things to do with his dad. so i wasn't sure!! 

a few more photos 
i just loved every second of this experience with him
(i used our large blush mat from the company, gathre- in love.)
the final masterpieces:
i rinsed them off with cool water and dried them with a paper towel 
i asked him, 'where's parks?'... he always points to the middle of his forehead. 
a part of me felt like a teacher again
as i walked him through each step and explained it all to my baby boy
in the same calm way that i used to with my students
-this is what i know-
i want to teach my kids. 
i want them to feel comfortable and able to get messy and be inquisitive
all the time.
my heart was happy as i saw myself as the new teacher that i am now. 
lots of cool whip went in parks' mouth... and an attempt at the egg right here 
(ironically, eggs and chicken are the two things i can't get him to eat... he loves ethnic and flavorful foods- just like his momma) 
pointing with excitement... i get to play in this, mom? (and eat it!) 
you all know how much i love black and white photos
the one above is right before and the one below is him at the end
... he started clapping!
which i think means, 'thank you, momma... i really loved it.' 
and you know what
these aren't the type of things that i want to say 'no' to
i want to fill my life with moments like this one.
do you color eggs with your kids?
(ps: my sister and i colored eggs with a babysitter growing up and my parents came home to a big yellow spot on the carpet... a spot that always stayed over the years.)

a special thank you to my cousin, megan (i adore her) and her cute daughter, stella, for inspiring this activity! we are so thankful
wishing you all a wonderful Easter weekend
and if you end up doing this with your toddler, please tag me on instagram (@nellemonaco)
i would love to see!!
"Once more to new creation Awake,
and death gainsay,
For death is swallowed up of life,
And Christ is risen today!"
~George Newell Lovejoy


  1. Well this is amazing!!! I totally went the traditional route with the store bought kit and it was NOT toddler friendly! Ha, the whole event went way better in my head. I want to try to do this!! Thank you for sharing!! XOXO

    1. Awe, so glad you loved and of course!! You always inspire me, girl! xo

  2. Do you have to use gel food colors for this to work?

    1. Hi girl! SO sorry for the delay... we were traveling and the wifi wasn't the best but I think the gel tubes are the traditional? I did the pastel colors :) Again, I am so sorry! Hope you loved this activity if you all did it!!

  3. Can you use regular food colors, or does it have to be gel?